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Re: Minutes from release-team, 7/21

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Robert Basch)
Sun Jul 26 18:06:04 2009

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From: Robert Basch <rbasch@MIT.EDU>
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On Jul 21, 2009, at 3:32 PM, Jonathan Reed wrote:

> Athena 9:
> We need an Athena 9 patch release.  'from' and 'mailquota' will be
> removed from the dotfiles on Athena 9 and replaced with text informing
> the users that they will no longer receive these messages at login.
> Pine and Evolution will be wrapped to inform Exchange users that they
> are unlikely to work, but we don't want to lock Exchange users out of
> the clients, because migrated users might have local data.

I have written a patch to add the Evolution wrapper.  It will display
a Zenity warning dialog for Exchange users, with the following text:

   Exchange accounts are unsupported in Evolution (and
   Pine) on Athena 9 machines.  When using the default
   configuration in this version, Evolution will fail to
   connect to the Exchange server.  You can access
   your Exchange account using a web browser on this
   machine, at http://owa.mit.edu.  Or, you can run
   Evolution on a Debathena machine.

   Select "OK" to continue anyway.

   Select "Cancel" to exit without starting Evolution.

Also, under the guiding principle of minimizing changes to Athena 9, I
tend to agree with Andrew that we can live without touching the  
now that port 143 connections to imap.exchange are refused immediately.


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