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Minutes from release-team, 7/21

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan Reed)
Tue Jul 21 15:32:52 2009

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> 1) -thirdparty and -extra-software

Thirdparty is too big and will be trimmed.  We will use a pseudo- 
arbitrary measure of popularity to determine what stays and what  
goes.  Users requesting subsequent packages will be encouraged to use  
apt-get install.  Sufficiently popular packages will get incorporated  
into -thirdparty.   Faculty needs/requests will be taken under  

Geofft: Do we have an obligation to ensure that thirdparty is  
installable on non-Ubuntu?
Consensus:  Probably not, since such machines are unlikely to be  
public (modulo Linerva).

What is the purpose of extra-software?  It should contain stuff that  
is not critical but is extremely useful, and more useful than things  
in -thirdparty.
Do we have an obligation to keep it small and streamlined?  Probably,  
since -login-graphical and hire prompt for it, and most people will  
just say 'yes'.
A good approximation might be "Stuff that locker maintainers can  
expect to be installed locally for use in their scripts, e.g.  
moreutils".  To be discussed more over e-mail.

> 1.5) Should we allow users to store their password in the  
> Thunderbird profile?

Try and disable it by default, but don't lock them out.

> 2)  Can we punt the default umask of 077 and standardize on 022,  
> which seems to be the upstream default on modern {Li,U}nixes these  
> days?

Yes, let's move to a umask of 022.  While there are concerns with / 
tmp, it's important to note at least on cluster machines people  
already have root.

> 3) Hesiod, IMAP and Exchange, oh my!

Athena 9:
We need an Athena 9 patch release.  'from' and 'mailquota' will be  
removed from the dotfiles on Athena 9 and replaced with text informing  
the users that they will no longer receive these messages at login.    
Pine and Evolution will be wrapped to inform Exchange users that they  
are unlikely to work, but we don't want to lock Exchange users out of  
the clients, because migrated users might have local data.

mitmailutils has a fix in -proposed.  Has it been tested?
NMH will not be fixed for Debathena.

> 4) Cluster updates and remaining deployments

Blocking on NTP issues.   Some machines in W20 (those off by several  
hours) need /etc/adjtime.   amb will create installer fix for NTP  
issues, and jdreed will resume deployments.

> 5) Brief discussion of potential changes for documentation, etc.

Drafts will be sent here when available.

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