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Re: Agenda for 7/21 release-team meeting

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Evan Broder)
Thu Jul 16 13:27:39 2009

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Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 10:27:20 -0700
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Jonathan D Reed wrote:
> Next meeting: Tuesday 7/21, N42-203, 2:00pm
> 1) -thirdparty and -extra-software
> a) What goes in these packages?  What are the criteria?  Do we have an obligation to keep -extra-software streamlined?
> b) The current criteria of "If someone asks for it, we add it" is not sustainable.  It makes sense for something like Linerva, but less so for all the -cluster machines.  I propose that we trim thirdparty (and possibly -extra-software), and adopt criteria for adding packages to those metapackages.  For example, if one person asks for, say, xmcd, I think we say "Here is how you install software on cluster machines".   If 50 people ask for xmcd, then it gets added to debathena-thirdparty.   Such a policy would also reduce overall disk space requirements and installation time.
> 2) Can we punt the default umask of 077 and standardize on 022, which seems to be the upstream default on modern {Li,U}nixes these days?  What are the implications?
>    debathena / -login / ghudson  13:38  (Steel and circuits will make me whole) 
>        It's not entirely inapplicable today (it means files you create in
>        /tmp or /var/tmp on a cluster machine aren't readable to other
>        users), but I can't bring myself to care much about it.
> 3) Hesiod, IMAP and Exchange, oh my!
> a) Do we care about Athena 9?  Should we?
> b) "from" and "mailquota" in the default dotfiles barf on Exchange Hesiod information. 
> c) Do we/should we try to care about NMH and mitmailutils?
> 4) Cluster updates and remaining deployments
> 5) Brief discussion of potential changes for documentation, etc.
> a) Pocket Ref probably going away to be replaced by the Trifold of Awesomeness
> 6) Other business
6a) Allowing users to store their password in the Thunderbird profile

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