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Agenda for 7/21 release-team meeting

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan D Reed)
Wed Jul 15 13:50:58 2009

From: Jonathan D Reed <jdreed@MIT.EDU>
To: "release-team@mit.edu" <release-team@mit.edu>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 13:50:45 -0400
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Next meeting: Tuesday 7/21, N42-203, 2:00pm

1) -thirdparty and -extra-software
a) What goes in these packages?  What are the criteria?  Do we have an obligation to keep -extra-software streamlined?
b) The current criteria of "If someone asks for it, we add it" is not sustainable.  It makes sense for something like Linerva, but less so for all the -cluster machines.  I propose that we trim thirdparty (and possibly -extra-software), and adopt criteria for adding packages to those metapackages.  For example, if one person asks for, say, xmcd, I think we say "Here is how you install software on cluster machines".   If 50 people ask for xmcd, then it gets added to debathena-thirdparty.   Such a policy would also reduce overall disk space requirements and installation time.

2) Can we punt the default umask of 077 and standardize on 022, which seems to be the upstream default on modern {Li,U}nixes these days?  What are the implications?

   debathena / -login / ghudson  13:38  (Steel and circuits will make me whole) 
       It's not entirely inapplicable today (it means files you create in
       /tmp or /var/tmp on a cluster machine aren't readable to other
       users), but I can't bring myself to care much about it.

3) Hesiod, IMAP and Exchange, oh my!
a) Do we care about Athena 9?  Should we?
b) "from" and "mailquota" in the default dotfiles barf on Exchange Hesiod information. 
c) Do we/should we try to care about NMH and mitmailutils?

4) Cluster updates and remaining deployments

5) Brief discussion of potential changes for documentation, etc.
a) Pocket Ref probably going away to be replaced by the Trifold of Awesomeness

6) Other business

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