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notes from Friday's release meeting

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Carla Fermann)
Mon Feb 28 11:23:59 1994

To: release-77@MIT.EDU
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 94 11:23:37 EST
From: Carla Fermann <carla@MIT.EDU>


Here are the notes from Friday's meeting. Dot's got the spreadsheet
that listed the rankings, and she'll do something with it for this
week's meeting.

In attendance: Dot, Jerry, Kevin, Gary, Carla, Mark, Bruce, Matt

Misc issues:
- Dot is supposed to report to the PPT on March 16th
- We're looking at mid-May for code cut
- Open issues -- we don't have to try to cram everything possible in
this release. There is the possibility for patch releases, or a
January release, or a release next Spring.
- when looking at the Solaris 2.3 item, consider AFS and emacs
separate from the Solaris issue.
- if we do go to emacs19 it may have a big impact on people (e.g.,
eolcr users, emacs discuss, etc). We'd need to warn people ahead of
- changing versions of MH has no user-visible change, as far as Miki
knows. Dot's going to try it too.
- Solaris 2.3 requires AFS 3.3 clients only, not servers

Possible items for the inclusion list:
[Note to people who were't at this meeting -- we first went over this
list of items just to see if there were any that we either all agreed
should be in the release, or all agreed should not be. Then each of
the remaining items were ranked according to a variety of issues --
user invisibility, least developer side effects, ease of development,
etc. All that info is the the spreadsheet, which is not included
- Solaris 2.3
- AIX 3.2.5
- Ultrix 4.3a
- AFS 3.3 (clients)
- AFS 3.3 (server)
- Emacs 18.59
- Emacs 19 --> Not for this release!
- MH 6.8
- dsmail --> Yes for this release!
- remote access/kerberized telnetd
- Uniform login library --> Not for this release!
- dm/xlogin (magic cookie)
- dm/xlogin (xhost)
- Perl
- TeX (support for 600dpi fonts) --> Yes for this release!
- Andrew 6 (user interface change)
- X11R5/Motif1.2
- Zephyr p4
- Kerberos v5 support (two tickets on login)
- Kerberos p10

Matt also brought up two additional items:
OLC/OLXX client and server changes. Server changes, including realm
checking are not a release issue. Client changes would primarily
involve someone spending some amount of time (not sure how much)
merging the stuff in the olcdev locker with the stuff in the source
tree. Although Carla is extremely grateful for Matt having brought
this up, in light of the limited number of people who would really
benefit from the client changes, the unknown amount of time it would
take, and the possibility of there being other
help-desk-tool-related-changed in the 9-month time frame, this was
tabled for now. 

The mkserv locker needs to be up-to-date when the release goes out.
This isn't an item for the inclusion list per se, but it does needed
to be added to that timeline/checklist from the last meeting. Also,
it's not clear who should/will do the work -- someone from development
or someone from systems support. 

We then ranked the items. 16 is good, 4 is bad. We didn't actually
give each item its own number, but did 4 16's, 4 12's, 4 8's, and 4

Action items:
- Mark will look into the impact of the Perl change (backwards
- Dot will talk to Craig about the user non-visibility for the xhost
fix for dm/xlogin

That's about it. If you have any questions or comments, please let me


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