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You have an outstanding refund:Your Unclaime Funds!!!

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (David Eddie Baggett)
Fri Jan 27 05:56:37 2023

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<strong>[IMPORTANT CAUTION!]: </strong>This is e-mail from outside. Please =
verify e-mail sender and subject carefully, Do not open unknown links, atta=
chments or non-related with your business e-mail and report suspicious e-ma=
il to
<div><font size=3D"2" color=3D"#000000" face=3D"Arial">
<div>Your Unclaime Funds!!!</div>
<div>I am an auditor in a European bank and clearing house.</div>
<div>Our duty is to look into transaction records of Banks, securities comp=
anies and financial houses within Europe.</div>
<div>We also work in collaboration with America, Asia, Africa and Australia=
n clearing houses. During my investigation on un-paid debts in various bank=
s and security companies, I discovered that you are to be paid for an INHER=
ITED /CONTRACT FUND which requires
 presentation of certain documents and payment of fees before the fund coul=
d be released to you</div>
<div>View the website for more information: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/busi=
<div>I want to inform you that the problem you are having is from your agen=
t/partners and the lawyer who is representing you, they did not revealed th=
e reason for delay of your payment, and My reason of contacting you is to i=
nform you to stop payment of any
 such to the lawyer or to the financial house, as you will not receive your=
 fund due to some anomalies we discovered in your file.</div>
<div>We are to protect your interest, please contact me immediately so we c=
an advice you on how you will receive your fund without any impediment.</di=
<div>You are hereby advised to maintain constant contact with me and avoid =
any interaction with those unscrupulous representatives.</div>
<div>Yours faithfully.</div>
<div>David Eddie Baggett</div>
<div>+44 703 5911223</div>
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 the intended recipient, you are not authorized to copy or disclose all or =
any part of it without the prior
 written consent of the company.<br>
Each e-mail that is sent to internal or external organizations are logged a=
nd can be used as evidence in case of rule violation.<br>

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