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Re: Beta results

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan Reed)
Sun Jul 31 09:36:19 2011

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The remaining machines (1, 2 and 4) successfully upgraded last night.

Quickstation-2 is suffering from serious hardware problems.  We did some forensics on it in the SIPB office and found it that it did manage to partially install stock natty, but the installation failed around the point where it would have started the postinstall.  However, it also won't boot (and won't even POST) so I think we should just replace it.  It's a little odd that it coincided with the natty install, but I can't think of anything we could do in software to prevent it from POSTing (like, even if you pull the RAM and boot, it won't make the "Help, I have no RAM" sound).


On Jul 30, 2011, at 1:59 PM, Jonathan Reed wrote:

> We had 4 successful updates (out of 8)
> w20-575-3, 5, 6 and 7 all updated normally.
> w20-575-2 was powered down at 22:52 last night and thus missed its upgrade window.
> w20-575-1 and -4 both had stale logins.
> I have reset 1, 2 and 4 and they should upgrade tonight.
> quickstation-2 did not upgrade (or ping) and when I arrived at it, it was making a jet-engine sound and the display said "Unable to display this resolution" and it did not ping.  I power-cycled it, but video did not come back and after about 30 seconds it started making the jet engine sound again.  I swapped in the monitor from the machine next to it, with still no luck.  since I can't get video, I can't figure out what happened. If the kexec failed or caused the machine to lock up, power-cycling it should still have brought it up as Jaunty.  And if the kexec succeeded, it should have at least been pingable.
> However, it's a GX620 so I don't know how much replacement we want to do. We may want to consider punting those quickstations (or moving them) as they get very little use.  I might poke at it some more this afternoon, but have left it powered off for now.

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