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Minutes from 1/14 Release-Team

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan Reed)
Mon Jan 17 19:48:27 2011

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> 1) Printing update and Pharos update

Geoff notes that duplex queues aren't recognized by the cups LPR clients.  Specifically, these are defined as printer "classes" in CUPS, but don't actually contain any printers.  Geoff will send a detailed bug report to ops.

Transitioning to PDF and hplip is still planned for the CUPS servers, and will be addressed pending resource availability.
Internal CUPS changes: PDF and hplip.  

Pharos update: Omegas (touch-screen devices) have been installed in some clusters, but are not yet operational.  We should ensure the pharos queue name is accurate before deployment.  At the moment, it's hp_bw_q - I believe we wanted something like "athena_bw" or "athena_mono"?  
ACTION ITEM: jdreed will verify with pharos-release

Joyce asks where ACIS should forward any printing issue reports.  Issues involving supplies (paper, toner, etc) should go to icp-help.  Issues involving the pharos card swipe or similar should probably go to pharos-release during the testing phase.  We will also try to ensure all printers have accurate labels saying where to send questions.

> We should come up with an approximate date for when we can expect LPRng to be dead.

June 2011 is the deadline, though we expect it to be before that.  "Spring 2011" is the answer for now.

If we encounter any LPRng queues that are actively causing trouble, we should notify Ops and they will fast-track a migration.  

Alex asks if the CUPS printing directions are in Hermes?  jdreed will verify.   Alex also notes there are some articles pointing users at http://localhost:631 for printer configuration; jdreed will double-check.

> 2) Check-in on Natty.  Has anyone tried it out?

No.  People should investigate it before the 28th, which is went we need to ask SE for resources.

> 3) LaTeX
> We need a LaTeX support statement, including what macros we do and don't support.  We also need a good test plan.  The upgrade to Lucid had a TON of LaTeX changes, and while they're mostly all fixable, it's a lot of work, and the timing was particularly bad for people on the February degree list.

Consensus is to make something up and run it by people who do lots of LaTeX support (e.g. Laura).

> 4) Other business

-AFS and pagbug (see kaduk's mail for details)

jweiss is out this week, but we will investigate moving to 1.6.0 on CVP and see if that fixes things.  It appears to have kept Linerva happy.

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