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General comments

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (epeisach@MIT.EDU)
Thu Feb 24 08:11:38 1994

From: epeisach@MIT.EDU
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 1994 08:11:25 -0500
To: release-77@MIT.EDU

a) Perhaps portmap should be started by default on workstations... There
may be some security implications, but then at least people can use
frame easilly.

b) emacs 18.59/19 mouse pasting: The behaviour that Bruce described is
the default as shipped by the FSF for all versio, including the version
we are running. We have been hacking the whole cut-and-paste paridgm for
a while to be compatible. 

c) Ultrix 4.3a port: A year and a half ago I identified the key
components that needed to be changed and actually worked out some of the
code. It really would not be too difficult, except now.... We do not
have the ultrix4.3a sources - to put the NFS mapping code into the
kernel would require either:
	a) Getting the sources
	b) Verifying that the NFS code did not change from 4.3 -> 4.3a
		(I suspect it didn't but I cannot verify unless the 4.3a
		subsets are on line).

There also is the potential issue that you might need the newer version
of NFS which is available - I am not up on the issues.

There may also be some critical patches to 4.3A which are available. (I
know you need a new version of lockd but we don't care). If you are
serious about this, someone should post a message on the
Comp.unix.ultrix newsgroup asking what are the 'necessary' patches to
4.3a that are out there. (there may be something for the scsi-cam
subsystem). Whoever does a port shjould make sure that our older
firmware versions of exabyte tape drives still work - they may need to
be upgraded...

Oh yeah - one other gotcha - there is a new compiler in 4.3a which fixes
alot of bugs, but gdb (from the FSF) will not work with the ne object
files. This was a problem several months ago and I suspect has been
fixed, but I didn't pay attention. You may even need a new gcc... This
of course has implications....

My assesment though would be to go for i though - if it is not too late.
This type of decision should have been made in December so that there
could already be a system up and running in production testing by now.


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