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odd debathena graphics bug

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Alex T Prengel)
Fri Oct 9 13:38:03 2009

From: Alex T Prengel <alexp@MIT.EDU>
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I've run into a strange graphics bug in a fancy 3d molecular image
viewing application. To see the bug:

1. Add dsvisualizer_v2.5; DiscoveryStudio25

2. On the Welcome screen, click on the first option in the View Sample
Files section, Protein Structure. Note either a black, or garbled
graphics display opens.

3. Go back to the Welcome tab, click on the second example in the View
Sample section, Ligand Structure. Note again a corrupted display.

4. Now click the tab for the first example in step 2 again,
Beta-Hydroxy..., and note a nice 3d image appears.

5. Click back on the example in step 3., Benzene.... Note another nice
3d image.

So the deal is, you have to open at least 2 graphics examples in
sequence (other options in the View Samples Files section that don't
display 3d graphics don't have this effect). Then going back to the
first "unlocks" correct display of all the images.

Now some observations: I only see this on debathena machines (both
cluster and workstation). I see it on a cluster VM running on VMWare
Fusion. I don't see it on any flavor of RedHat Linux, including Fedora.
I don't see it on 32 or 64 bit straight Jaunty machines (the former a
noname PC clone with an Nvidia graphics card running the Nvidia graphics
driver, the latter a Dell 755 runnning whatever a 64 bit Ubuntu install
uses by default). Any ideas? Could be a graphics driver, but the VM on
Fusion surely has totally different graphics than our Dell 755's.


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