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Minutes from 9/25 meeting

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan Reed)
Fri Sep 25 15:27:42 2009

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> - Coming up with a project plan for ISDA's involvement in Athena  
> going forward (specifically, allocation of Andrew and Bob's time).    
> Note that with Andrew out sick, we may not be able to completely  
> finish this agenda item today.

It's important to document not only resources in terms of hours or  
percentage, but also that some resources cannot be subdivided (ie: 40%  
of one person != 10% of 4 people).   Looking at our work for Intrepid  
and Karmic will be a good indicator of work in general, because they  
both had some large changes.   We should document the importance of  
not missing the releases and why we didn't go with LTS-only.  We  
should document 3 levels of involvement:  minimal, ideal, and steady- 
state.     Also document pre-Debathena: minimal and healthy development.

ACTION ITEM: jdreed will draft new wiki page for this plan and send  

> - Discussion of future SIPB involvement (now that Evan and Geoff are  
> seniors)

Prospectives are being actively recruited.  1.5 year projection looks  

ACTION ITEM: SIPB will continue recruiting.
ACTION ITEM: Evan and Geoff will plan on being here for M. Eng.

> - Discussion of community response to Debathena deployments (this is  
> one time when we do want anecdotal evidence, so please bring any you  
> may have)

Implement one-time popup to solicit feedback.   We should usability  
test the feedback piece, including on quickstations, clusters, - 
workstation, etc.

ACTION ITEM: jdreed will draft an Ask SIPB column.

> - Brainstorming about the future of Quickstations.

We will restore FF address bar and create a gdm button that launches  
it.  If possible we will preload FF.  In the future look into removing  
login chroots on qucikstations.

ACTION ITEM: rbasch will re-enable address bar.
ACTION ITEM: Someone will look at adding a gdm button.

> - Discussion of proposed changes to -thirdparty package

White ballot.

ACTION ITEM:  Alex will implement his changes.

> - Other business.

jhamrick should be given svn access.
ACTION ITEM: rbasch will add her to the athena-commiters list.

broder is working on metrics code.

Internationalization (Japanese chars):  Install language-support-input- 
* packages.
ACTION ITEM: broder will create debathena-language-support metapackage  
and add it to workstation and higher.

Cluster combo is changing on Oct 1.
ACTION ITEM: jweiss will set a GMOTD.

Should we spam every student at MIT about Windows 7 being available  
for free later this year?  Probably not.

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