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Minutes of Release Team meeting today, N42-203, 2pm

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan Reed)
Tue Sep 8 15:34:02 2009

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1) Metapackage policy

People will review the policy (see #213).   We will also need to start  
caring about architectures.   This leads to a discussion of 64-bit  
Athena in the clusters.  It is decided that we will not care about  
that until the HPs go away.  There is no upgrade path between  
architectures, so 64-bit clusters would require reinstalls.

2) Firefox 3.5

Some people requested firefox 3.5.  We will likely punt this until  
Karmic, though investigation is required to determine how well it  
coexists with FF 3.0 and what, if any, changes are made to system or  
per-user defaults.

3) Schedule meetings for fall term

We will meet every other Friday at 2, starting Sept 25.

4) Karmic is Koming

There will be no krb4 support in Karmic.  This is a problem for mail  
clients and for liblocker.  jdreed will contact mvsilis about  
migrating the po15 config to other mail servers (GSSAPI on  
poNN.mail.mit.edu; no change to poNN.mit.edu).

5) Metrics

Evan will write code.  We are using a new kernel mechanism to collect  
data on each exec().  jweiss will ponder privacy concerns related to  
transport protocols.

6) geofft's root-related things.

Are we losing data out of /var/log?  We should bind-mount it.

Can we punt su in IAP, possibly changing su to say "Don't do this, use  
sudo -i instead"?

7) Trac review

We reviewed tickets.  It was noted that the number of tickets  
milestoned for IAP 2010 is ... ambitious.

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