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Check-in on Fall Release milestone

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan Reed)
Tue Aug 25 13:22:35 2009

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From: Jonathan Reed <jdreed@MIT.EDU>
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In lieu of a meeting, and keeping in mind there's a hackathon this  
weekend, I'd like to make sure we're all on the same page WRT the Fall  
Release milestone, which is due next week.

Here's my take on tickets that are currently in status "new":

#310 - Can't log in graphically if quota is exceeded:  How long do we  
want to wait for the SRU?  Do we just want to document this for now  
and re-milestone for upstream utopia?
#312 - AFS cache should not be snapshotted:  Someone should test  
memcache, ideally on a GX620 or an HP (which have the least amount of  
RAM).  Once we have those results, we should either implement it, or  
close the ticket.
#205 - The documentation is written, I just need some dotfile changes  
to display the message to users who log in without tickets or tokens.   
(I know we want to change/re-engineer dotfiles and the login sequence  
in general, but this is high priority for usability)
#208 - Isn't this really an enhancement?
#216 - This fell off my list of things to do and is unlikely to fall  
back on it before Reg Day.  Seems like it would make an ideal project  
for a frosh.  Some sort of spam screening solution should be in  
place.  Or we can punt to IAP.
#283 - Re-milestone?
#335 - Someone should send mail.
#337 - ??
#342 - Are we in UPSTREAM_WAIT, or is there more action we can take?   
We should re-milestone for upstream if we're going to patch it  
ourselves in the meantime.
#141 - re-milestone for IAP?
#233 - ??

Are there any other things I'm missing?


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