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Minutes* of 8/18 meeting

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan Reed)
Wed Aug 19 17:15:57 2009

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* May not actually be detailed enough to count as actual minutes.

1) Review of tickets

We reviewed tickets in Trac.  Yay.

2) Metrics

IS&T management (and MIT higher-ups) desperately wants an answer to  
the question "What are the students using Athena for?".  Anecdotal  
answers are not acceptable, since IS&T management hears a lot of  
anecdotal answers from, e.g. Sloan students, who say that they never  
use Athena, or only use it for checking e-mail.  We're considering  
some sort of survey, but we'd like real data.  We recognize there are  
privacy concerns here and we should address those as much as  
possible.  No user-identifiable information should be collected.

There is discussion about changing the chroots to enable atime and  
using atime to determine what binaries were used during a session.   
For a first approach, we'd like to divide usage into "Email", "Web",  
"Office Software", "Academic Software" (ie: some stuff from - 
thirdparty), "Other" (and possibly "Development").     We are aware  
that "Web" cannot differentiate between, say, Stellar, OWA, or Slashdot.

3) Other business

- OpenAFS:  It kind of sucked when we went to go reinstall machines  
and there were no OpenAFS modules available for the newest kernel  
because they didn't get moved into production.  We think we should  
probably stick new OpenAFS modules into production.  While this makes  
some people nervous, it makes them even more nervous to have the  
installation fail or have Ubuntu attempt to downgrade the kernel.

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