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Minutes form 8/4 release team meeting

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan Reed)
Tue Aug 4 15:44:24 2009

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> 1) Logins are still slow; adding RAM to the HPs does not noticeably  
> improve things
>   a) Should we or should we not do something clever with the AFS  
> cache and snapshotting?

We should investigate aufs, and ramdisk.  We should also investigate  
the details of the problem.   Note that stock Jaunty on an HP is still  
slow (due all the GNOME stuff), but -cluster makes it noticeably slower.

> 2) We should start thinking harder about distribution upgrades for  
> the clusters.
>   a) do-release-upgrade worked for Intrepid->Jaunty, but asked me  
> every conceivable debconf question ever, and took an order of  
> magnitude longer than a reinstall

jdreed will investigate how long an upgrade takes vs a reinstall.

> 3) Bugme is getting hidden by Nautilus.

There's a ticket open in Trac.  Can we perhaps add window manager  
hints?  This is a blocker for further quickstation deployment.

> 4) Cluster deployment update
> a) Changing the IP address of a cluster machine is harder than it  
> should be.

We can create a script to edit /etc/network/interfaces, /etc/hosts,  
and /etc/hostname and store it locally.

> b) Gaining access to a broken cluster machine is harder than it  
> should be
>  I) Can we do something awesome/evil with remctl to easily enable  
> debugging without having to reboot into single user mode repeatedly.

No, we can't, and we should just be sad.

> 5) Meeting schedule during term

We will meet on 8/18 and 9/1, and then pick a schedule for term.

> 6) Other business

Bugs were triaged.
IAP is closer than we think it is.

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