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Minutes for Release Team meeting, 6/23

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan Reed)
Tue Jun 23 15:19:55 2009

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> I. Status Update

W20 is Debathena, yay.

> II. Lessons learned from W20 deployment
> a) The HPs are sufficiently slow that people think they're broken,  
> but they're only 3 years old so they're not up for replacement.    
> What do we do?

More RAM might be useful, jdreed will investigate.

> b) Sound needs to be shut off differently

Install should turn it off for -cluster.  (#292)

> c) There is some stupidity involving the hardware clock and UTC vs  
> EDT.

Installer should ntpdate and hwclock sync. (#294)

> III. Review of Fall Milestone tickets -- shift priorities and  
> milestones where needed

Geofft has a list at /mit/geofft/debathena/release-team-june-23

> IV. Other business

The 755s are borked during installation after downloading all the  
stock Ubuntu packages (but not yet installing them).  Geofft found two  
http processes deadlocking on each other.  amb will investigate  
further.  Deployments are on hold until 7/7/09 regardless.

Athena 9 will remain an option on the PXE server until ~September.

Trac is sending base64-encoded mail, which makes MH-rmail users sad.

We should plan the APT repo migration from scripts to the machine  
formerly known as athena10.mit.edu:
- broder: There are some cron jobs on the server.
- jweiss: We have the technology to run cron jobs in the ops server  

Meetings will be in N42 for the remainder of the summer so that alexp,  
jdreed, and othomas don't have to attempt to cross campus in 60 seconds.

jdreed is on vacation starting around 3pm on Thursday 6/25 and will  
return Monday 7/6. 

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