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Re: Agenda for Release Team meeting, 6/23

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Jonathon Weiss)
Mon Jun 22 18:21:58 2009

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> Location: W92-106B
> Time: 2:00pm
> Prior to Tuesday, can someone check whether or not there's a working  
> phone in there and send the phone number around so Evan can call in?
> Agenda
> I. Status Update
> II. Lessons learned from W20 deployment
> a) The HPs are sufficiently slow that people think they're broken, but  
> they're only 3 years old so they're not up for replacement.   What do  
> we do?
> b) Sound needs to be shut off differently
> c) There is some stupidity involving the hardware clock and UTC vs EDT.
> III. Review of Fall Milestone tickets -- shift priorities and  
> milestones where needed
> IV. Other business

According to http://web.mit.edu/ist/topics/athena/wslc-grid.html the
HPs are 4 years old this summer.  Whether we have money to replace
them is not my department. :-)


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