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notes from 2/18 Release 7.7 meeting

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Carla Fermann)
Wed Feb 23 12:10:17 1994

To: release-77@MIT.EDU
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 94 12:09:58 EST
From: Carla Fermann <carla@MIT.EDU>

Hi! Here are the notes from last Friday's release meeting

In attendance: Dot, Bruce, Jerry, Mark. Carla, Matt, Kevin, Gary

Handouts: - proposed list of items for 7.7 release (Dot)
	  - Solaris 2.3 plans (Mark/Miki)

- there is a mailing list called "release-77" which feeds into the
"release-77" discuss meeting (menelaus:/usr/spool/discuss/release-77)
- rotating note taker?
- regular meeting time? We haven't set one yet. However, the next
meeting is scheduled for Friday, 2/25, from 1:30 - 3:30 in the large
conference room

- Meetings will start and end on time
- Dot likes short meetings, doesn't want to meet when we don't need to
- Dot likes input. No random raging/flaming, though
- No fistfights

Things we've been given:
- The release should be out in the field sometime in June
- We've got a list of suggested items for the release

- system packs
- release notes
- user release notes
- testing plan
- installation media/method
- stock answers
- posters
- installation process training

Tasks: (things to do before we actually release the release)
- prepare inclusion list of release items
- checkpoint -- minicourse changes? dialup changes?
- start releasing release information (as info is provided for release
notes from developers)
- cutoff date for submissions
- intergration
- building
- system release notes
- installation method and process
- checkpoint -- training?
- friendly test
- check courseware, help compile
- train consultants
- "special" poster ("this machine is running the new release")
- user release notes
- checkpoints
- notify RCCs
- test installation process

Minicourse changes? Minicourse instructor training is in early August,
minicourse changes should be made by then. The magnitude of the changes
in the release determines what minicourse changes are needed. If emacs
looks different (e.g., menus and scrollbars) Gary will want to do all
new emacs screendumps. [Secret message to Gary -- I was talking to
Christina about screendumps in Frame, and it turns out there's a
really nice feature built right into Frame. Just select "Capture" from
the file menu, and it'll let you select any area of the screen to
insert in your document. Then just select "import" from the file menu
-- it'll already have the filename filled in. You can scale the image
too -- it's very cool, and easy!]

We then quickly went over the list of 13 items that Dot had. At our
next meeting we'll discuss them more in detail.

[Items 1 - 3 are becoming required for third party software]

1) Solaris 2.3 for Suns -- latest stable version, AFS 3.3, emacs 18.59
at the least, recompile, X11R5 base server, no OpenWindows. More info
on Miki/Mark's handout

2) Ultrix 4.3a for DECstations -- latest stable version, Dot has
talked to Craig and Ezra

3) AIX 3.2.5 for RIOS -- recompile, something about IBM videocards,
testing will be an issue here, since most staff don't use them

4) AFS uppgrade clienst and servers to 3.3 -- currently at 3.2a,
migration path for DFS, needed for Solaris 3.2, but clients and
servers would both have to be updated

5) Bug fixes -- all bugs fixes since 7.6 hit the field

6) Update of major subsystems:
	a) emacs (18.59, 19.00) -- from 18.57, "issues all over the
	b) MH -- 6.6  -> 6.8.1 or 2
	c) perl -- perl changes could mean bug trouble, though, since
           lots of perl scripts used internally
	d) other?
		- tex (and latex) -- real supported 600dpi fonts

	a) build release with R5 (implies Motif 1.2) -- clients, Motif
	1.2 has different look, must build with R5, testing an issue
	b) Font servers? -- moot point

8) Zephyr update to patch level 4 -- richard, server and client,
requires auditing and testing, "nothing negatively user visible"

9) Kerberos
	a) Phase in v% support -- Ted, xlogin would get a k4 and k5
	b) Update to patch level 10 -- Richard

10) dm/xlogin upgrade to use xauth features for better security --
probably won't happen, requires someone with a lot of know-how (Craig
or Richard)

11) Uniform login library -- Bruce, Matt would like this, could do
secure login to dialup rather than typing password over net

12) Kerberized remote access -- ktelnet and/or rlogin support (if we
do #11, more flexibility in how to do this)

13) dsmail -- new features, including subject chaining, currently some
servers running versions with some of the old changes, but some are
running the new version. Will this have an impact on the Private
Workstation doc?

Next meeting: Friday, 2/25, 1:30 - 3:30. We'll go over the list of
suggested items in detail, discussing time estimates, possibility, and
if they should go into a release. 


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