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Re: how to try emacs19

Fri Mar 11 20:50:27 1994

I seem to be slightly involved in this, so I'll comment:

Making emacs19 the default emacs would invovle a fair amount of work
by other people (in particular, CSS with eolcr), but we're already
`falling behind', not just the world and the rest of campus, but
ResNet - people running emacs under windows or OS/2 or linux or
NetBSD, just to name a few - will all almost certainly be running
emacs19 as `emacs'.  

Specific points:

o The default cut-and-paste behavior is, I believe, very easy to
  change (and even very simple to make switchable from .emacs)

o binding function keys is much simpler in emacs19.  Currently, what
  people are told to do is use fkeys.el from consult; I'm almost
  certain we can modify that to preserve the old interface seemlessly.

o displaying high-bit characters.  I don't actually know anything
  offhand that uses this, so I'm not sure how this would be affected.

o eolcr - there's someone working on it already (bert), but he's in
  Junior Lab this term, and so hasn't made much progress.  We could
  make it work by next fall, certainly.  (It's worth noting that the
  consultants are already using emacs19 and want eolcr for emacs19 - I
  know more than one who runs their normal emacs19 for their own use
  and then an extra emacs18 for eolcr).

We will *definately* want to make emacs18 available as a transitional
step if we do go to emacs19 as the default.  Personally, I'd like to
see it, but that's becuase I use it. :-) As the default, I'm not sure
emacs19 is ready quite yet.  I'd prefer to see it get more testing
first.  Perhaps take 7.7 and make it more obvious how to get to it?
I'd personally be ok with it as the default after a term, but a
mid-year switch is probably a bad idea.  Perhaps put it on the packs
as emasc19 in the IAP release?

just my thoughts...

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