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New items to consider

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Dorothy Bowe)
Wed Mar 9 13:39:02 1994

To: release-77@MIT.EDU
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 94 13:38:37 EST
From: Dorothy Bowe <dot@MIT.EDU>

Since we last met, some new items have been brought to my attention
which we've been asked to consider for inclusion in the release.  I'm
including the information I have on the items here and will put a
discussion item on the agenda for Friday.  Please read this and come
prepared with questions if you have any so that we can make efficient
use of the one hour.



P.S.  Feel free to correct and/or add any information.

Proposals for Release 7.7
a) Pull the moira client from the packs so that it can be changed
   between releases. (ie, put it in a locker)

   User Visibility:	High (listmaint, mailmaint)
   Effort:		Low
   Knowledge:		No one in particular
   Hits:		Documentation, OLC

   Misc.   This would be easy to do and does not take any particular
           expertise.  The only issue that I can think of is, if we
   	   do this, do we put an attach & run script in its place,
	   or just depend on user education?

b) lpd bug fixes

   Richard has made a number of bug fixes to the lpd filters to support
   the HP printers.  We've been running with them for a while;  this is
   just a matter of syncing the release with what we're currently running.

   User Visibility:	Low
   Effort:		Low
   Knowledge:		Richard, Darrin
   Hits:		rel eng for integration

c) OLC server revisited

   We talked about this one before, but an additional issue has been
   raised, namely that the binaries currently running on the olc server do
   not match what is in the source tree.  The proposed release item is
   to bring the source tree in sync with the running version to make the
   mkserv process easier.

   The issues at stake are the knowledge and the time to do the sync'ing
   and/or integration correctly.  

   User Visibility:	None
   Effort:		? High ?
   Knowledge:		Possibly Scott Thorne, Wade from Mac effort
   Hits:		development, rel-eng

d) Zephyr pl4 revisted

   Again, one issue we missed was the desire to have the code in the
   release match the running binaries on the server.  If we don't get the
   changes into the release, it's more difficult to create a new server.
   In other words, it really is a release issue.

e) Specific bugs reported under 7.6

   These bugs (or "features") have not yet been fixed.  Should we up the
   priority on them?
   i) snmpd on suns syslogs errors at a tremendous rate.

      Tom Coppetto is looking into this.

   ii) zshutdown_notify is not called by shutdown on the DECstation and

	Mark says it should be possible and easy to fix.

   iii) syslog on DECstations

        The problem here is that syslog generates a lot of traffic in an
    	ineffient way, and the problem is inherent to Ultrix syslogd.  
 	The known solution is to use the BSD syslogd;  whether this is
	acceptable is another question.  (rel-eng???)

f) Expunging old files

   The current way expunge works is a resource hog and is causing
   operations problems.  I've been offered two different implementation
   changes, one of which is release dependent, and one of which is not.
   They are:

     i)  Change the default dotfiles to expunge personal files upon login
     ii) Make expunge run on each server (Current implementation has
         expunge run on a single server over the entire AFS heirarchy.)

    User Visibility:	High/Medium (i), Low (ii)
    Effort:		?
    Knowledge:		Mark ?
    Hits:		?

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