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Re: Where did they go?

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Bruno Souza - Sun do Brasil)
Wed Apr 3 14:17:39 1996

Date:         Wed, 3 Apr 1996 16:02:44 -0300
From: Bruno Souza - Sun do Brasil <Bruno.Souza@BRAZIL.SUN.COM>
To: Multiple recipients of list JAVA-INTEREST

> From: Robert Stober <rstober@LANDRUSH.COM>
> Hi all,
> Anyone know of a way to track where a visitor to my goes immediately after
> leaving my site? Can this be done with Java?
        I've donne a little applet that stays hiden in the page, and
        keeps track of what the user is doing. Actually, this was donne
        for a Bank demo, and they required that behavior (I'm not
        sure what that means in terms of user privacy....)

        Anyway, this works, as long as you have the applet running in all

> In other words: Someone is at my site, and they follow a link to another
> site. How I track what site they went to?

        If your user goes to a site different from your site, well,
        then I can't be sure if that's possible. When the user
        follows a link that goes to another site, I don't think that
        even your http server ever gets this info.....

        I believe you could make an applet that, when cliked on,
        calls this other page from the other site. But before that,
        the applet sends the information to your server. You could
        make the applet look like an Imge, or even pure text. This
        might work.

> Any help anyone could provide will be greatly appreciated.

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