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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Seeking a paragraph's translation

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Alan Anderson)
Thu Nov 13 12:07:50 2014

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From: Alan Anderson <qunchuy@alcaco.net>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 12:07:13 -0500
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> The current draft of the English version reads: "My name is Daniel
> Eliot Boese. I was born in the city of Winnipeg on the twelfth day of
> October in the year 1976 AD. I live about ten miles west of Niagara
> Falls. I like to read a lot and to hike. When I die, my blood will be
> removed and replaced with a substance that does not make ice crystals,
> and then my body will be made very cold. I would like to live and to
> read and to hike again. If you know how to heal me and help me to
> live, please do so. Thank you for your time."

[I'm not going to translate names. Unless you customarily introduce
yourself as "God is my judge" in English, translating it as if it were
a generic Hebrew word is not appropriate.]

Daniel Eliot Boese jIH.
tera' DIS wa' Hut Soch jav, jar wa'maH, jaj wa'maH cha' jIboghpu'.
jIH chanDaq chorgh qelI'qam 'oH Niagara bIQqoj chuq'e'.
jIlaD 'ej jIyIt 'e' vIparHa'qu'.
jIHeghDI', 'IwwIj qa' chuch qut lingbe'bogh taS'e' ghIq porghwIj bIrqu'moHlu'.
jIyInqa' 'ej jIlaDqa' 'ej jIyItqa' vIneH.
chovormeH mIw DaSovchugh 'ej choyInqa'moHlaHchugh, yIruch.
choqImmo'pu' qatlho'.

"I am Daniel Eliot Boese.
 I was born day twelve of month ten of Terran year 1976.
 Niagara watercliff's range is eight kellicams to the east of me.
 I really like to read and to walk.
 When I die, a fluid which does not produce ice crystal replaces my
blood and my body is caused to be very cold.
 I want to resume living and to resume reading and to resume walking.
 If you know a procedure for you to cure me and if you can make me
resume living, go ahead.
 Because you have paid attention to me I thank you."

Is there any more detail that you want the word "hike" to evoke?

-- ghunchu'wI'

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