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Sun Feb 16 15:14:54 1992

Date: Thu, 8 Aug 91 00:44:10 -0400
From: ima.ima.isc.com!krankor@village.boston.ma.us (Captain Krankor)
To: tlhIngan-Hol@IMA.ISC.COM


	SaqIHneS! HoD Qanqor 'oH pongwIj'e' 'ej pabpo'ra' wa'DIch jIH.
Sulaw' 'e' vIbel. qaSDI' Qaghmey vIlughchoHmoH ('e' vItul!) 'ach jIvumqu'be'meH
SatlhobtaH reH pab QaQ bolo' 'e' bonID.

	pIj TinyTIMDaq tutu'laH ( | grape.ecs.clarkson.edu, 6250).
pa' Krankor R'nice joq vIponglu', vaj pa' tuleghchugh HI"page" {{:-)

				--HoD Qanqor

Because this is my introductory message, and people should know who I am, I am
providing a translation, particularly for those who are still trying to track
down a copy of the dictionary {{:-)

My friends!

	I am honored to meet you! My name is Captain Krankor and I am your
first Official Grammarian.  I'm pleased that there are so many of you.  When
mistakes happen, I will correct them (I hope!) but I'm asking you to always
try to use good grammar so that I won't have to work too hard. {{:-)

	You can often find me on TinyTIM (addresses above).  I'm named Krankor
or R'nice there, so if you see me there, page me.

				--Captain Krankor

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