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Sun Feb 16 15:15:45 1992

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Date:    Sat, 17 Aug 91 23:56:22 EDT
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>It could be "Ready?!"


"Ready" would make sense in the context of when he said it, but the
three ways to say "Ready" are SuS, Su', and 'eH, none of which sound
like 'IyS or 'IS. The closest would be SuS, which the book says is
sometimes pronounced simply "shhhhh". It could be yet-another-BAD-
pronunciation-by-an-actor, I suppose. There certainly have been enough
of them.

tlhIngan Hol is definately a noun-noun construction.  There is no
verb tlhIngan and you can't say jItlhIngan; you would say
tlhIngan jIH.

I'm going away for a week or two, so I'll be silent for a while. But
I'll be thinking of you all :)  Hope to see some good tlhIngan messages
waiting for me when I get back :)

Finally, I leave you with a quiz.  What is wrong with this sentence?

Do' Holvam ghojlu'laH

Don't post your answer here, as it will give it away for others. If you
like, e-mail it to me. krankor@ima.ima.isc.com.

			Captain Krankor, Grammarian

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