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That 'other' Klingon language

Sun Feb 16 15:15:40 1992

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Date:    Sat, 17 Aug 91 02:56:12 EDT
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Well, prompted by that last posting, I went out and rented ST:TMP explicitly
to listen to the Klingon dialogue (well, monologue actually) at the
beginning. And I found a wonderous thing:  what they are speaking is
perfect Klingon as we know it.  In fact, it was better Klingonese than
we sometimes get on TNG.  It was clipped Klingon, but of course that
was to be expected in a combat situation.  Here are most of the orders given
by the Klingon commander:

English subtitle			Spoken Klingon

"Tactical"				wIy cha'!
"Visual"				DoS cha'!
"Tactical, stand by on torpedoes."	cha yIghuS!
"Ready...Fire!"				'eH...baH!
"Evasive!"				juntaH! [See page 42]

In fact, there was only one word I couldn't make out. Didn't have a
subtitle, but sounded like 'IyS ("eesh").  Anyone have a clue what
he's saying?

In any case, I think that clearly we are speaking 'real' Klingon here. {{:-)

			Captain Krankor

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