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CAD service Offshore

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (high quality and inexpensive)
Tue Nov 18 01:46:04 2008

From: "high quality and inexpensive " <cadserviceoffhse1008@gmail.com>
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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 14:45:39 +0800


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							<h1 align="justify"><font size="2">CMLS, an offshore 
							CAD drawing, drafting, rendering, modeling, 
							designing and conversion service from China, we 
							provide Architectural CAD outsourcing services.</font></h1>
							<p align="justify"><font size="2"><b>Architectural 
							CAD</b> Drafting Services cater to architects, 
							engineers, Real Estate Developers, Interior 
							Designers, Consultants. We help firms streamline and 
							enhance their services by offering better quality, 
							efficiency &amp; cost effective solutions. </font></p>
							<p align="justify"><font size="2">We provide a full 
							range of cad drafting and conversion services 
							including design development, building plans, 
							extensions &amp; additions, working drawings, as-built 
							drawings, mechanical, electrical and plumbing 
							drawings. </font><br>
							Our Architectural CAD Outsourcing service from China 
							includes 2D Auto CAD Drawing, Designing, Drafting &amp; 
							Conversion, 3D CAD Modeling &amp; Rendering, CAD 
							Visualization, Paper to CAD conversion, Auto cad 
							conversions, ArchiCAD drafting and conversion,3D 
							animations, 3D walk through.</p>
							<p align="justify"><font size="2">We specialize in 
							preparing complete construction document set for 
							permit submittal of single family to large 
							residential &amp; commercial buildings, tenant 
							improvement (new built as well as extensions &amp; 
							refurbishments) for approval as per city codes based 
							on standard sample set provided by the client 
							matching codes, layering &amp; cad standards. <br>
							We are a CAD service provider for Professional Shop 
							drawings for the Aluminum Cladding, Rain Screen 
							Cladding &amp; Glazing industry, curtain walls &amp; store 
							front systems. <br>
							We use AutoCAD, Archicad &amp; ADT for the Architectural 
							CAD drafting, drawing, designing &amp; conversion 
							outsourcing services which we provide from China.
							<b>Mechanical CAD/Engineering CAD</b> Drafting 
							Services cater to the needs of Manufacturing &amp; 
							Engineering Industry, Mechanical Engineers, 
							Production Engineers, Design Engineers &amp; 
							Fabricators. <br>
							We provide Autocad drawings conversion, 2D CAD 
							drafting, 3D drafting, paper to CAD conversions, 
							Autocad conversions, Converting 3D Assembly or Part 
							Model to 2D Shop Drawings, 3D modeling and 
							animation. <br>
							<b>The Chinese Advantage in Cad Outsourcing</b> 
							being offshore in China means we are about 12 hours 
							time zone ahead of North America &amp; about 5 hours 
							that of UK and Europe which makes our customers 
							virtually a 24 hour production centre. While the 
							customers go back from work, the day begins in China 
							and the work gets done by the time customer comes 
							back to office the next day. <br>
							Offshore Architectural CAD/Engineering CAD drawing, 
							drafting &amp; conversion outsourcing to China is one of 
							the most popular management practices today. Though 
							it is generally spurred by the cost reduction 
							factor, this is just one of the reasons one should 
							consider offshore outsourcing. Chinan CAD Service 
							Providers do not just offer cost effective 
							solutions, but also value addition by improving 
							productivity and quality. <br>
							CMLS is a leading Cad Drafting Service Provider from 
							China. Outsource All your Cad drawing, drafting, 
							designing, conversion and 3D Cad modeling, rendering 
							needs to us, as CAD is our area of core competency.
							<p align="justify"> </p>
							<p align="justify"><tt><font size="2" face="Arial">Please do not respond to this email, as 
responses to this message will <br>
not be answered. </font></tt><font size="2" face="Arial">Contact Us to 
Learn How: 
<a href="mailto:cadoutsourcing@tom.com">cadoutsourcing@tom.com</a> or
							<a href="mailto:offshorecad@tom.com">
							offshorecad@tom.com</a></font><p align="justify"> </div>
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