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Re: Comments/questions on library interface

Mon Dec 4 15:08:55 1989

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 89 14:41:15 EST
From: sommerfeld@APOLLO.COM (Bill Sommerfeld)
In-Reply-To: John T Kohl's message of Tuesday, November 21, 1989   4:35:25 pm (EST)
Subject: comments on header files.

<mit-copyright.h> is 15 characters long.  I'd like to be able to deal
with brain-damaged operating systems more cleanly (mumble mumble HP-UX
grumble grumble AIX barf bletch).  Since the compiler doesn't care
about copyrights, and nobody tends to read expanded listings with the
"#includes" replaced by the file comments..  The easiest solution: Can
we flush the #include "mit-copyright.h"'s, and just live with the
reference in a comment that's there already?

Can you make the file names of the .h files and the #ifndef/#define
.. #endif tags match better in all cases (base-defs.h doesn't match
very well).

Re: encryption.h:

The encryption/decryption interface seems to assume a block cipher,
not a (blocked-)stream cipher; I think the latter might be a better
choice of interface.

"krb5_keyblock" is variable length, but appears in-line in

The interface passes both the "private" and the "key" parts of the
encrypt_block to the encryption function; why not just pass a pointer
to the encrypt_block?

int encrypt_func (krb5_encrypt_block *, void *in, void *out, size_t length)

"private" is a reserved word in C++; t'would be best to avoid it.


					- Bill


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