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minutes of meeting 9 Jan 1990

Tue Jan 9 14:56:45 1990

John began the meeting with a short introduction noting that the krb5
work will be a cooperative effort between Athena and Network Services.
The responsible managers from those organizations are Peter Roden and
Jeffrey Schiller.

The encoding "on the wire" will use ASN.1; much of the C code to deal
with this is already written (with the help of the ISODE tools).

The proposed work split is:
libkrb (MIT)
libdes retrofit (possibly Rich Salz/BBN)
libkdb (MIT) (retrofit current?)
libkadm (MIT)
libtf (Dan Kolkowitz/Stanford, Dan Bernstein/NYU(?))
libos (MIT) (part of libkrb?)
applications (everybody)
	infinite :-) 1 week per

Lots of discussion of the proposed interface, leading to an agreement to
come back on Thursday with specific comments for modifications.
Some salient points:
	+ put all the O/S specific include files into an <osconf.h>, to
	  ease porting
	+ there must be some form of backward compatibility at the KDC
	  (and presumably at application servers).
	+ the interface spec should be sorted to group the functions
	  into natural sub-groups
	+ we should try to make the KDC somewhat portable, but we
	  needn't make it completely portable to non-UNIX systems (i.e.
	  don't do things that make it non-portable)

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