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Wed Sep 5 07:20:07 2018

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HiCan you please respond to my email?Thanks,AnilFrom: &quot;ANILESH_TENNETI&quot;&lt;venkata_anil@rediffmail.com&gt;Sent: Wed, 08 Aug 2018 14:49:27To: &lt;kerberos@mit.edu&gt;Subject: Phoenix ODBC client on Windows connecting to Kerberos Hadoop Phoenix is throwing error &ldquo;GSSException: Defective token detected&rdquo;Hi,Hello MIT team,&nbsp;I&#39;m Anil working for IBM and implemented Kebreros for a customer.&nbsp;Kerberos &ndash; AD is implemented on Hadoop environment. Phoenix is enabled to open JDBC / ODBC connection to Hadoop HBase. Hadoop is setup on RHEL 7.2Windows client machines connecting to Hadoop Phoenix using Hortonworks Phoenix ODBC driver (64 bit). As connection should be established to Kerberos Phoenix, the Windows ODBC client machine also must be setup with Kerberos.Windows odbc client machine has been setup with MIT Kerberos as per the documentation link https://community.hortonworks.com/articles/28537/user-authentication-from-windows-workstation-to-hd.h!
 tmlCopied the krb5.conf file to windows machine as krb5.ini.&nbsp;Using MIT Kerberos key tool, get new Kerberos ticket say for user &lsquo;kpiuser&rsquo; as shown below;On establishing connection from ODBC client, phoenix connection fails with log message &ldquo;GSSException: Defective token detected (Mechanism level: GSSHeader did not find the right tag)&rdquo;.Refer to Error-in-phoenix-log.txtThis implies, the Kerberos ticket format is different or corrupted.The phoenix ODBC client logs shows connection errors.Refer to HortonworksPhoenixODBCDriver_connection_1.log and phoenix_driver.logOn windows client machine, doing kinit for a user does not show the cached ticket when run klist command.Refer to klist-on-windows-odbc-client.txtThanks,Anil&nbsp;
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