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Re: kerberos binary compatiblity

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Sam Hartman)
Wed Jul 7 15:28:00 2004

To: "Nebergall, Christopher" <cneberg@sandia.gov>
From: Sam Hartman <hartmans@mit.edu>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 15:26:00 -0400
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	(Christopher Nebergall's message of "Wed, 7 Jul 2004 09:33:57 -0600")
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As a general rule, MIT Kerberos releases have not broken ABI
compatibility in a long time.  We believe programs compiled against
MIT Kerberos 1.2.0 should still work against MIT Kerberos 1.3.4.

The problem you seem to be running into is that Redhat has not chosen
to keep ABI compatibility between their 1.2.x-based and 1.3.x-based
versions of MIT Kerberos.  They seem to have changed how they handle
libcom_err and not included a compatibility shim for the libcom_err
they dropped.  I think they may be taking advantage of an option in
Kerberos 1.3.x to use the system com_err library.

Unfortunately, by choosing to use that option and by not providing a
compatibility shim, they have broken their ABI.  There is nothing that
MIT can do to help with this.  I suggest trying to work out a solution
with Redhat.


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