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[28872]  Alexander Chernyakhovsky  scripts commit: Update DEBIAN_CODES as well
[28873]  System T. Builder         machtype: new tag 10.7
[28874]  Alexander Chernyakhovsky  build-system commit: Ensure tilde on buster
[28875]  Alexander Chernyakhovsky  machtype commit: Fix build on bionic
[28876]  Titi                      Hello dear
[28877]  Jonathon Weiss            moira [master]: 88 commits
[28878]  Jonathon Weiss            moira: new tag
[28879]  Jonathon Weiss            moira commit [debian]: Merge new upstream snapshot / Release
[28880]  Jonathon Weiss            moira commit [debian]: changelog for release
[28881]  Jonathon Weiss            moira commit [debian]: actually release
[28882]  System T. Builder         moira: new tag
[28883]  System T. Builder         moira commit [pristine-tar]: pristine-tar data for moira-
[28884]  Benjamin Kaduk            athinfo commit: Convert to python3
[28885]  Benjamin Kaduk            delete commit: Convert to python3
[28886]  Benjamin Kaduk            athrun commit: Update print statements and encoding for python 3
[28887]  SGT. CONNER               Confidential
[28888]  Sgt. Rianna               Hello
[28889]  Sgt. Conner               Confidential
[28890]  Huang Jinping             Ciao
[28891]  anna marjan               
[28892]  Anna marjan