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Re: Minutes from 1/14 Release-Team

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan Reed)
Wed Jan 19 15:13:12 2011

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On Jan 17, 2011, at 7:48 PM, Jonathan Reed wrote:

>> 1) Printing update and Pharos update
> Geoff notes that duplex queues aren't recognized by the cups LPR clients.  Specifically, these are defined as printer "classes" in CUPS, but don't actually contain any printers.  Geoff will send a detailed bug report to ops.
> Transitioning to PDF and hplip is still planned for the CUPS servers, and will be addressed pending resource availability.
> Internal CUPS changes: PDF and hplip.  

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some jobs are actually crashing the 9050s, in that not only do they not print, but the front panel is rendered unresponsive.  Do the printers do any useful logging in our environment?  (Can they syslog, or can they only whine over SNMP?   I guess the 9050s also have a log page on the web server, but it's unclear if anything gets logged there during a crash.

Would bumping the firmware be helpful?  ajax, at least, claims to be running 08.130.4 (Nov '09), whereas 08.180.1 (Nov '10) is the most current version.


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