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Re: Collecting Athena release features

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Robert Basch)
Mon Sep 24 15:28:26 2007

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From: Robert Basch <rbasch@MIT.EDU>
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To: Jonathon Weiss <jweiss@mit.edu>
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On Sep 24, 2007, at 12:46 PM, Jonathon Weiss wrote:

> * Firefox' (and Mozilla's) disk caches are on local disk, not a
>   network filesystem.

Actually we have a whole set of customizations to the browsers.
Besides the cache change and MIT CA inclusion, it's probably
worth noting that we also provide the Java and Flash plugins, and
our wrapper scripts help deal with problems resulting from having
profiles in a shared home directory.  I can provide a complete list of
changes if desired.

Note that the Firefox customizations are dealt with in our extension
and wrapper; we no longer build it from source.

Also, note that some users also use the non-browser applications
in the Mozilla suite currently, e.g. email and the HTML editor.  This
suite's life has ended, so should not be included in Athena 10 (we
may want to consider other options, e.g. Thunderbird or Seamonkey).


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