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[8042]  Honfeiga Doorbell         Re:Wireless doorbells-Honfeiga-Manufacturer
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[8048]  Kristi Jostes             =?Windows-1252?Q?RE:_Consolidated_IT_Systems_Maintenance_Notice_=96_June_?=
[8049]        =?GB2312?B?zeLDs7/Nu6fL0cv3v6q3osjtvP6jrMzhuN/N4sOzv827pw==?=
[8050]  Benjamin Kaduk            afk 17 June -- 30 June
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[8056]  Jonathan D Reed           No release-team meeting today
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[8059]  Jonathan D Reed           Release-Team: July 11
[8060]  Jonathan D Reed           Re: Release-Team: July 11
[8061]  Jonathon Weiss            Ubuntu Trusty (14.04) prototype dialup
[8062]  Jonathan D Reed           [release-announce] IS&T Announces Beta Release of Debathena Trusty