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[0430]  Elizabeth A Krueger       Watching Carmen in AiW, now
[0431]  Elizabeth A Krueger       Movie marathon, starting now!
[0432]  Steven Valdez             Reserving AiW on 11/23/13, 1430-1700 for Doctor Who 50th
[0433]  James Penna               Can I reserve AIW from 13:00 to 14:00 tomorrow, or from 17:00 to 18:00-19:00-ish?
[0434]  Elizabeth A Krueger       Watching 8 1/2 in aiw, happening now
[0435]  Elizabeth A Krueger       Re: Watching Princess Bride at 9:47 in aiw
[0436]  Arianna E McQuillen       RE: Watching Princess Bride at 9:47 in aiw
[0437]  Eric Mannes               Reserving AiW from noon on Friday through when hunt ends (eom)
[0438]  James Penna               Reserve AiW from 5:30 to 8 pm on 1/29
[0439]  Shi-Ke Xue                Bad Hentai Night! Tonight at 8pm in AiW
[0440]  William Kalb              reserving aiw today (sunday 2/9) from 5 PM to 7 PM
[0441]  James Penna               Reserving AiW on 2/16 from 9pm to 12 am for Racist Movie Night
[0442]  Mika Braginsky            Reserving AiW for A Single Silver Coin (Assassins' Guild game), 2/23 2pm-11pm
[0443]  Nina Davis-Millis         Presentation on sexual assault, March 6 @18:17
[0444]  Katherine O'Connor        Reserving AiW from 2pm-10pm Sunday 3/16 <eom>
[0445]  Elizabeth A Krueger       Reserving AiW from 10-midnight tonight
[0446]  Sasha                     Room booking for the month of Aprel 2014
[0447]  Sasha                     Room booking for the month of Aprel 2014
[0448]  Steven Valdez             Reserving AiW from 10-Midnight Tonight
[0449]  Elizabeth A Krueger       Hercules in AiW nao
[0450]  Nina Davis-Millis         Save the date: Tips from Mental Health about developing social clue