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Re: usb-creator-gtk requiring explicit gksudo

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Mike Aponte)
Thu Jun 6 12:26:24 2013

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Aha! You were correct. It has been a /while/ since I was prompted for 
the root password on a cluster machine.

I observed the same behavior you described.

On 06/05/2013 09:34 AM, Jonathan Reed wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> To confirm, was the dialog box asking for _your_ password?  If so, could you please grab a screenshot next time?
> On cluster machines, the dialog (which is polkit-agent-helper) should say "Password for root:" and then the cluster _root password_ should work (it works on two workstations I tested).  It is, however, different from other applications which typically use gksudo, and thus want your Athena password.   It is also different from a stock (private) workstation where it will prompt for the user's password.   We can look into making the behavior more consistent by configuring polkit differently, but entering the Athena root password in that dialog should work.
> -Jon
> On Jun 4, 2013, at 9:04 PM, Mike Aponte wrote:
>> On a cluster workstation I tried to run usb-creator-gtk from a shell as well as from the fancy unity launcher thing "Startup Disk Creator". When I tried to do anything interesting like erase my USB flash drive I was prompted for authentication for root privileges as expected, but the dialog box appears not to recognize my athena password. Worked around by running gksudo usb-creator-gtk.
>> I was informed that this might be considered a bug, so I am passing it on.

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