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Re: Re[2]: SYN floods (was: does history repeat itself?)

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Dick St.Peters)
Wed Sep 11 03:22:00 1996

Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 03:46:06 -0400
From: "Dick St.Peters" <stpeters@NetHeaven.com>
To: nanog@merit.edu
In-Reply-To: <199609110231.WAA05665@panix.com>

> > I have found that 2500's do not have the processor for even basic filtering
> > when sitting in front of several hundred modems.  4700's on the other hand
> > (and 7200's) have the ability to handle the job with little difficulty.
> Really? Is there something special about 2500s as compared to AGSes? Alec
> pointed out to me that my numbers were a bit off, but they're not off by
> that much. How much traffic was there on the 2500 that you were trying to
> use for filtering? And how many ports were in use?

I'm a small enough site to provide some numbers on 2500s.  My border
router is a 2514; it checks every incoming packet to be sure the
packet doesn't claim to be from my address space, and to be sure they
_are_ from my address space, it checks every outgoing packet twice[*],
once coming into the router and again on the way out.  Awhile ago
the 5-minute average input data rate was sitting at 230 Kbps and the
5-minute cpu utilization at 25%.

This router also filters all the incoming packets again as they leave
out an enet port or the second serial (T1) port.  Some packets go
through a lot of other filter steps before hitting a rule allowing
them into or out of the router.  Adding all this filtering doesn't
seem to have affected the cpu utilization a whole lot, although it's
been a long time since I had all filtering turned off.

[*] Filtering twice lets me delete and rewrite one filter while still
being shielded by the other.  Ok, so I waste a lot of cpu - that's
part of the point: it's a mere 2500, but I have all this cpu to spare.
230 Kbps isn't much, but it's enough to ssuggest I'm going to run out
of T1 before I run out of cpu.

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