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KBLC: Guidelines

Fri Mar 4 22:40:17 1994

Errors-To: tlhIngan-Hol-request@klingon.East.Sun.COM
Errors-To: tlhIngan-Hol-request@klingon.East.Sun.COM
Errors-To: tlhIngan-Hol-request@klingon.East.Sun.COM
Reply-To: "Klingon Language List" <tlhIngan-Hol@klingon.East.Sun.COM>
Errors-To: tlhIngan-Hol-request@klingon.East.Sun.COM
From: "trI'Qal" <DOBELBOWER@opus.mco.edu>
To: "Klingon Language List" <tlhIngan-Hol@klingon.East.Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 1994 22:22:06 -0400 (EDT)
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	Well, I know that I am only going to be the Begginer's Grammarian for 
a month or so, but, if I am going to do, this, I am going to do it RIGHT.  
What follows is a *guidleine* for posts under the KBLC headers.  By using the 
word "guidelines", I mean to emphasize three things:  one, these are prone to 
change at the need of the beginning students, as they make those needs clear 
to me.  Since the whole idea of the KBLC is to cater to the needs of these 
students, the guidelines should reflect that.  What follows is based on what 
has been discussed in previous posts to the list, and in a few cases where 
even the new students are debating the issue, decisions based on what seemed 
to me to be the best arguements.  There are also a few things which I have 
included which seem to either be conventions already, or are in the process of 
becoming so.  Two, I really have no authority to enforce any of this, other 
than your good-will towards this project.  I hope you will all comply for the 
sake of our newest learners.  And three, since I am only a Temporary 
Beginner's Grammarian, I suspect these guides will change when my predecessor 
takes the 'soapbox'.

	Again, I want to emhasize that I made these based on what I am 
perceiving the needs of the new students to be... and if my view of these 
needs are wrong, *PLEASE* tell me!  I can't fix it if I don't know it's broke. 
{{:).  Send your suggestions/comments/complaints on these guidelines to me at 
either dobelbower@opus.iarc.mco.edu OR bdd@po.CWRU.Edu, whichever you remember 
easier.  'nuff said on that.  Now for the guidelines themselves....

For 'experienced' speakers (the beginners may wish to read these too):

	Put only one sentence on a line.  This makes it easier to see where 
things start and stop (like finding the subject or the main verb).  If your 
sentecnce will not fit on one line, it is probably too complex for the KBLC, 
and should either be re-worded, broken down, or have the extraneous details 
removed.  Note the word "probably" in there... it is possible you could devise 
a sentence that was long, but not complex, but I still urge you to look for 
another way to express what you are trying to say.
	Use proper capitalization.  I know Marnen is taking a vote on this, 
but the only beginners I heard anything from asked that small 'i's NOT be 
used... so unless I hear otherwise from them, *please* capitalize properly.  
(sorry, Marnen)
	Use punctuation if you use a complex subordinate clause.  By 
"complex", I mean one where the subject has to be stated seperate from the 
verbal prefix.  (Example:  mejchugh jagh Duj, HoD yIja'.  "If the enemy ship 
leaves, tell the captain")  This helps disambiguate which nouns go with which 
phrases.  If you do decide to use punctuation, use it as you would in English. 
No sense in confusing people any more than they are. {{:)
	Do NOT transliterate!!! (That is taking an English name/word/phrase 
and converting it into the Klingon "equivalent", ie, <Dum> for the English 
"Doom").  If you need to use an English word that doesn't appear in the 
dictionary, don't try to make something up for it either.  Describe the thing, 
or re-word it, if you wish, but *somewhere* (where it is obvious what you are 
referring to) use the English word in ""s.  That way, if your description 
confuses anyone, the appearance of the English word should make what you 
intended clear.
	Don't correct ANY posts under the KLBC, even if it is in Hol.  Leave 
that to the Grammarian on the Box.  (Qanqor and ~mark are the only exceptions 
to this, but I understand that they plan to stay out of the way of the 
Grammarian of the Day (yes, I am having fun making up different names for the 
title of "Begginer's Grammarian"... sorry if I am confusing people. :) ) as it 
is.)  If someone asks for an explaination of something you wrote, I think it 
is best if the original poster explains *first*, rather than everyone wasting 
bandwidth trying to "guess" what was meant... so if someone is confused by 
something you posted, go ahead and explain it.  Make sure you do any such 
explainations in *English* though. {{:)  If the Assigned Grammarian makes a 
boo-boo (which in my case is completely possible, and perhaps very probable), 
please let either Qanqor or ~mark correct them.  Personally, I KNOW everyone 
is going to be watching everything I say, to see if I am doing "the Right 
Thing(tm)", and I know my Hol isn't *perfect*, so I don't want people nit-
picking me about stylistic points which may deterr from the purpose of the 
KBLC.  {{:)
	Include the word BEGINNER somewhere at the beginning of the post, so 
Qanqor and ~mark know what level they are working on. :)
	At the end of the message, clearly seperated, include the English 
translation of your posts.  I know this is an on-going arguement right now, 
but I think having the original intent of each message WITH each message, 
rather than waiting for it, will stop all the "Huh?  What did you mean/say?" 
questions, and start the "Now why did he/she do THAT and not THAT?" questions. 
If this doesn't seem to help, I will eliminate it, but for now, I think it 
will be more of a help than anything.
	Don't start talking about debatable grammar issues... like 
transitivity of verbs, or what verbs can be used adjectively.  On such issues 
as these, I may make a mention that such grammar is "questionable", but I will 
allow the students the greatest flexibility... let them learn the basics, then 
they can join in the arguements of the fine points, okay?  Make sure that if 
you are going to debate these points, you take the KLBC *OUT* of the header.  
I have seen it forgotten once or twice already. {{:(
	Finally, HAVE FUN!  Enjoy the conversations!  TALK to these people... 
because they obviously want to talk to you!  Examples of correct grammar are 
as critical to learning a language (IMHO) as trying to speak/write it 
yourself! (Note corrections may be posted for 'experienced' writer's posts as 

For the beginning students:

	Most of the guidleines for you are the simple ones listed for the 
experenced people:  one sentence to each line, put BEGINNER at the beginning, 
inclusion of translations, etc.  However, please don't feel constrained by the 
"one sentence, one line" guide!  Test out your knowledge and skills, and try 
things out!  The best way to learn is to do... and since this whole thing is 
for YOUR benefit, you aren't constrained as far as complexity of your posts.  
The only other things I have to say are these:  POST!  As my old high school 
band director used to say:  pe'veIl SureHbe'chugh, vaj SalughmoHlaHbe'neS! "If 
you don't play loud, then I can't correct you!"  Or, if you don't post, I 
cannot comment on your grammar.  ASK!  If you don't ask me questions, I cannot 
answer them!  And ENJOY!  This is all so you can learn more easily... and I am 
willing to help you however I may!  (I used to be a beginner, too!)  (Use me 
and abuse me? {{;) )

	Argh.  This was entirely too long... but I think that covers 
everything.... hope no-one minds the spam. {{:(

			--HoD trI'Qal
			  tlhwD lIy So'

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