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VIRUS-L Digest V9 #7

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (VIRUS-L Moderator)
Mon Jan 29 12:17:27 1996

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Date: 	Mon, 29 Jan 1996 07:15:42 EST

VIRUS-L Digest   Tuesday, 30 Jan 1996    Volume 9 : Issue 7

Today's Topics:

messiah info req'd
Suspected PowerMac virus (maybe PC too) (MAC,PC?)
Re: Mysterious hidden files. Virus? (PC)
SMILING virus, help please. (PC?)
Re: Virus:MONKEY_B + FORM_A (PC)
Printer port Virus? (PC)
Re: Caused by a virus? (PC)
KOH in Mainstream Press (PC)
B1 virus? (PC)
Antiviral Vendor Contacts list

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   Nick FitzGerald


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 22:27:20 -0500 (EST)
From: tom southey <tsouthey@connect.ab.ca>
Subject: messiah info req'd
X-Digest: Volume 9 : Issue 7

Anybody have any info on a virus called messiah?


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 20:26:06 -0500 (EST)
From: Iolo Davidson <iolo@mist.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Suspected PowerMac virus (maybe PC too) (MAC,PC?)
X-Digest: Volume 9 : Issue 7

In article <0014.01I0AAP9YODQOK8IBB@csc.canterbury.ac.nz>
	   cjkuo@alumnae.caltech.edu "Chengi J. Kuo" writes:

> First, let me say that I know less than nothing about viruses, but...

It has to be a typo!

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Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 15:02:43 -0500 (EST)
From: Doug Muth <dmuth@oasis.ot.com>
Subject: Re: Mysterious hidden files. Virus? (PC)
X-Digest: Volume 9 : Issue 7

In article <0024.01I0AAP9YODQOK8IBB@csc.canterbury.ac.nz>, Mark Saison
Gibson writes:

: I recently aquired a second-hand PC. Its an older model, a 286 running 
: DOS ver. 3.3. The previous ownder warned me it had been behaving oddly 
: and might have a virus. The oddities I have noted:

	Let me preface this followup by saying that just because a system 
is "behaving oddly", it does not mean that there is a virus involved.  
Too many users are quick to think that a virus is involved and jump to 

: 1. There are 5 hidden files on the hard disk instead of the 2 one
: would expect.

	Any file can be hidden with the ATTRIB command.  Heck, even 
ThunderBytre Anti-Virus creates hidden files with its integrity data in 
them.  That does not necessarily indicate a virus.

: 2. When an attempt is made to transfer the system files to a floppy
: using the sys command, a message appears saying that the system files
: are too large to transfer to a floppy, which sounds like it should be
: wrong.

	Did you check the amount of free space on the floppy beforehand?

: 3. The computer refuses to format floppy disks. It reads floppy disks 
: formatted in other machines with no problem. However if the format a: 
: command is issued, it reports that the disk in drive a is bad. 
: Furthermore, after this is done, a previously readable floppy becomes 
: unreadable.

	Hmm...it sounds like system started formatting, and stopped 
shortly thereafter with a "track 0 bad" error, (am I correct here?), at 
that point, the disk should be unusable since it was not finished being 

: 4. When a floppy disk is used in the disk drive, a hidden file 
: subsequently is reported on the floppy by the chkdsk command.

	Hmmm...this could be a possible companion infector; a virus that 
creates hidden *.COM files with the same name as *.EXE files, the COMs 
will be executed first, thus activating the virurs.

: Is this a virus? And if so, what can I do about it? Please be patient 
: with me because I am something of a newbie as far as PCs are concerned.

	Might want to get a copy of F-Prot, a very easy to use scanner.  
It can be found on Simtel mirrors in the directory msdos/virus.  One 
mirror of Simtel is ftp://ftp.cdrom.com. 


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Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 17:49:21 -0500 (EST)
From: bsw@cris.com
Subject: SMILING virus, help please. (PC?)
X-Digest: Volume 9 : Issue 7

I ran a file "laugh.exe" that I downloaded as "piss.zip" from a binaries 
newsgroup and it printed on my screen "Your partition table is now 
infected with the smiling virus".  I ran the file from a floppy disk, so 
is that virus on the hard drive?  Is it real?  How do I get rid of it?  
Thanks for your time and attention.

[Moderator's note:  Related to the Smile or Yesmile virus mentioned in a
few other recent posts??  Look for Henri Delger's explanatory post with
"Subject: Re: Smile (PC)".]


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 20:07:25 -0500 (EST)
From: Steve Glick <steveg@gti.net>
Subject: Re: Virus:MONKEY_B + FORM_A (PC)
X-Digest: Volume 9 : Issue 7

Zvi Netiv wrote:
> 00dcwei@bsuvc.bsu.edu wrote:
> > I have the FORM_A and MONKEY_B virii on my IBM Thinkpad 350C.  Due to the
> > combination of these two, I cannot access my hard drive.  The computer is,
> > however, floppy bootable.  I tried to use KILLMONK.EXE to get rid of the copy
> > on my C drive, but it did not work, the computer would not acknoledge the
> > existance of C:

Try the following:

On a bootable floppy copy fdisk.exe.  Boot from the floppy and 
enter the command "a:\fdisk /mbr"  this undocumented option 
(/mbr) will rebuild the master boot record and hopefully get 
that monkey off your back.  This has worked on other pcs but I 
have never tried this fix on a thinkpad.  Note: /mbr will not 
wipe your harddisk.

If this doesn't work try norton disk doctor from a bootable 
floppy. NDD will also rebuild a corrupted Master boot record.

Please Email me on the success of the above suggestions.

Steve Glick

[Moderator's note:  Thank-you Steve for taking the effort to reply/help.
However, you have clearly -NOT- read the FAQ on the correct use of FDISK
/MBR and the original poster's problem is clearly in the "it is not safe
to do this when..." category.]


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 21:58:33 -0500 (EST)
From: "L.Stewart" <flubber@datasync.com>
Subject: Printer port Virus? (PC)
X-Digest: Volume 9 : Issue 7

I have been having problems with my printer port. It came on 
suddenly and has spread to my laptop. It appears as if the
virus uses an algorithim because there is a pattern in the
files printed. Have resolved most obvious things (conflict
bad card or cable). F-prot dec95 can't find anything. I think
I picked it up on USENET. Any help would be appreciated.



Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 22:53:01 -0500 (EST)
From: Aryeh Goretsky <goretsky@netcom.com>
Subject: Re: Caused by a virus? (PC)
X-Digest: Volume 9 : Issue 7

Could it be that the computer in question has some sort of third-party
undelete program installed on it that causes it to move "erased" files
and directories to a temporary directory before deleting them after
several days?

You may want to try "emptying the trashcan" directory to see if this
returns your missing hard disk space.


Aryeh Goretsky

In article <0027.01I0AAP9YODQOK8IBB@csc.canterbury.ac.nz> Susan R Gray
<srg01@www.gnofn.org> writes:

>Have a 486DX with a 420mg hard drive with about 80mgs of space being 
>used (this is a PC that is for public use in a library and I work in the 
>Automation dept.of the library). It has Windows 3.1 and Lantastic 
>installed. Went to install a program and the system told me not enough 
>drive space so I figured someone had install alot of illegal files. When 
>I went to check there was nothing there that wasn't supposed to be there 
>except for a few small extraneous files(library patrons saving work to 
>the hard drive). This is the weird thing, any time I went to delete a file 
>I had less hard drive space than before I deleted! Is this the reaction 
>of a viral infection? I booted from a floppy and scanned the drive but 
>MSAV didn't say it found a virus.

DISCLAIMER:  All opinions are mine and not my employers.  I am neither
	     employed or compensated in any way by anti-virus product
- - 
Aryeh Goretsky                                  EMAIL goretsky@netcom.com
627 W Midland Ave                               CompuServe     76702,1714
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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 01:06:25 -0500 (EST)
From: Tom Simondi <tsimondi@slonet.org>
Subject: KOH in Mainstream Press (PC)
X-Digest: Volume 9 : Issue 7


Boardwatch Magazine, January 1996 issue, pg 78 published a very
favorable article about the KOH virus ("The Other Side of Computer
Viruses" by Wallace Wang). A few random short quotes:

"While computer viruses are real and can make the lives of sysops
and BBS callers miserable, there's another side of the computer
virus story that the news media conveniently ignores."

Wang goes on to then describe the KOH virus in glowing terms as
the savior of data from prying eyes the world over: "The KOH
virus insures that all of your data is protected, not just the files
you remember to encrypt." And, then goes on to describe how
harmless it is ("...buy the actual assembler source code and make
sure...") and where to get it.

The fun part comes when Wang says all sysops should use KOH to
protect their computers because the United Nations "...might break
down your door one day and haul your computer away...."

If you run a help desk and your users read this article and actually
install KOH, expect your calls to go way high. While KOH has
interesting properties, if someone forgets their password you have
real problems; and if the virus is allowed to move from machine to
machine, you can have worse problems. Despite what the article says,
KOH is dangerous, if for no other reason than people simply won't
read the documentation that comes with it. Your corporate data is
at risk if you let this beast loose. Take it from one who actually
ran it for several months just to see. It was not as benign and
"user friendly" as this article would have you believe.

- - 
=-=- Tom Simondi -=-= Visit the Computer Knowledge home page -=-=
=-=- http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/ck -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
=-=- E-mail: 75655.210@compuserve.com -or- tsimondi@slonet.org -=


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 11:05:23 -0500 (EST)
From: MR HENRI J DELGER <henri_delger@prodigy.com>
Subject: B1 virus? (PC)
X-Digest: Volume 9 : Issue 7

From: "Charles H. Gilley" <gilley@america.net>
X-Digest: Volume 9 : Issue 5

> Can anyone fill me in on this virus? I allegedly had it,
> but cannot locate any information.

B1 is also known as NYB, and is a Boot Sector Virus, which starts from an
infected PC.  It's in memory all the time, and writes its code to Sector
#0, which all diskettes have. It makes no difference to the virus what is
on the disk, or even whether the diskette is bootable or not, and infects
diskettes in both A> or B> drives, if not they are not already infected, or
     NYB/B1 moves the diskette's original Boot record code to the last
sector of the area used by the Directory, and if the disk has files listed
in the overwritten sector, this will cause the loss of entries of files,
deleted files, and sub-directories in the root.
     The files could still be located in the file storage area of the disk,
and could be recovered using a utility program, but since they are no
longer listed in the Directory, they may be overwritten, as other files are
later stored on the diskette.
     Once the virus is on the diskette, if that diskette is later in the A>
drive of another PC at power-up, or when re-booted with Ctrl-Alt-Del, the
Boot sector is read, the virus takes control of memory, and infects the
hard disk, moving the partition/MBR data to (cylinder&head 0, sector 17),
and writing its code to (cylinder&head 0, sector 1).
     Ordinarily, data are not lost from the hard disk, because the sector
which the virus uses is not used by DOS. If that sector is used by
third-party software to store data, during formatting, or for password
access, or by drivers to access large partitions, obvious problems can
result, however.
     NYB/B1 is loaded into memory at every boot-up after. It's considered a
"stealth" virus, since besides giving no outward sign of its presence,
while in memory it can keep anti-virus and disk utility programs from
reading the infected Partition/MBR sector, where the virus code is.
     It does this by re-directing attempted reads of the infected MBR or
boot sector to the sector which has a copy of the original, un-infected
code.  If the virus is in memory, DOS cannot read infected high-density
diskettes on some PCs, because this is one virus which does not preserve
boot sector data properly.
    "General Failure" messages may occur, and disk utility programs can be
deceived, reporting (erroneously) that the Boot Record is "invalid," that
the Media Descriptor Byte is "incorrect," and that File Allocation Tables
are corrupt. Unfortunately, correcting these non-existent errors will cause
data loss.

Regards, Henri Delger
email: henri_delger@prodigy.com


Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 11:11:18 -0500 (EST)
From: Iolo Davidson <iolo@mist.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Re: FORM.A (PC)
X-Digest: Volume 9 : Issue 7

In article <0020.01I094E1DXW0OK8IBB@csc.canterbury.ac.nz>
	   Petra.Herm@iao.fhg.de "Petra Herm" writes:
> Bill Sempf wrote:
> > I need to know how a boot sector virus
> > gets from floppy to hard drive.  Is it only from
> > 'booting' from a floppy?
> I got it (still have), and I never booted from
> a floppy.

It does not have to be a deliberate or even successful boot.
When you see the "Not a system disk" error message, you would
already be infected.  Lots of people who "don't boot from
floppies" occasionally leave data floppies in the
drive when they turn off their computers, and the computer
attempts to boot from them when next turned on.  Such people
often believe this doesn't count as a boot, somehow.

> I also had some diskettes infected,
> so I am sure you can get it after inserting an
> infected diskette in your floppy. I think it
> happens while your system is reading the FAT.

No.  Please do not spread such misinformation.  There are already
more than enough silly ideas about viruses in circulation.

- -
	      FOR FACE                      WITH LANOLIN
		       AND CHIN                          Burma-Shave


Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 15:13:51 -0500 (EST)
From: "Rob Slade, the doting grandpa of Ryan Hoff" <roberts@mukluk.hq.decus.ca>
Subject: Antiviral Vendor Contacts list
X-Digest: Volume 9 : Issue 7


Antiviral contacts listing

This file is a listing of antivirus contacts, primarily those involved in the
production of a specific antiviral program, device or book.  There are many
others who are contributing to the antiviral arena, but this list concentrates
on vendors rather than individual researchers.  Major research groups or
consortia are also listed.  Please send any updates or corrections to

Companies which operated only as marketing agents, or products which are
strictly a repackaging of others, have been removed.  Resellers who add modules
have been retained.

The information included is as much as I could gather of:
Company: vendor company, author/developer or institute
Address: for above
Phone:   for above
Fax:     for above
Sales:   separate phone or distributor information
Support: if separate from above
Contact: for this product
Email:   for head office or contact
Other:   BBS, Web site, etc.
Product: program, hardware device, book, etc., commented if unavailable

Company: Abacus
Address: 5370 52nd St., SE, Grand Rapids, MI   49512
Phone:   +1-800-451-4319, +1-616-698-0330
Fax:     +1-616-698-0325
Product: "Computer Viruses: a high tech disease", Burger, (out of print), Virus
	 Secure for Windows (no longer available), "Computer Viruses and Data
	 Protection", Ralf Burger, 1-55755-123-5

Company: A. B. Data Sales Inc.
Address: 2210 Hanselman Ave, Saskatoon, Sask.   S7L 6A4
Phone:   +1-306-665-6633, +1-306-652-7228
Fax:     +1-306-652-1955
Product: HardDrive Lockup

Company: ACM Press
Address: 11 W. 42nd St., 3rd Floor, New York, NY   10036
Phone:   +1-212-869-7440
Product: "Computers Under Attack", Peter J. Denning, ed., 0-201-53067-8

Company: A.C.C Inc.
Address: West Orange, New Jersey, 07052, USA
Phone:   +1-201-325-7985, +1-201-736-7109
Fax:     +1-516-378-6124
Contact: Wendy Schwartz
Product: V-Phage hard disk write protect

Company: Aladdin Knowledge Systems
Address: India
Sales:   Marketed by Doon Instrument Processors
Product: "Hasp" security card

Company: Henrik Alt
Address: Kirgelweg 25, 7160 Gaildorf, Germany, Kto. 6428662, bei KSK Schbisch
	 Hall, Blz 622 500 30
Phone:   07971/7996
Product: Sagrotan (Atari)

Company: ALWIL Software
Address: Prubezna 76, 100 31 Praha 10, Czech Republic
Phone:   (+42 2) 782 20 50
Fax:     (+42 2) 782 25 53
Sales:   +42-2-782-25-47
Contact: Pavel Paudis/Michal Kovacic
Email:   baudis@alwil.anet.cz
Other:   BBS: (+42 2) 782 25 50, http://www.anet.cz/alwil/alwil.htm
Product: AVAST! antiviral

Company: Autrec Inc.
Address: 4305 - 40 Enterprise Drive, Suite A, Winston-Salem, NC   27106
Phone:   +1-(919) 759-9493
Fax:     +1-919-759-9489
Product: PC-SAFE II half card security board

Company: B.R.M. Technologies
Address: 5 Kiryat Mada St (Luz building), Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem, Israel
Contact: Gilad Japhet
Email:   gilad@brm.co.il
Product: V-Analyst checksumming program, UTScan

Company: Bangkok Security Associates
Address: 888/32-33 Ploenchit Road, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Phone:   +662-251-2574
Fax:     +662-253-6868
Sales:   Computer Security Associates, +1-803-796-1935; or Lannatec Associates
	 Inc, 166 Anna Avenue, Ottawa, Ont. K1Z 7V2, +1-613-724-5978
Other:   BBS: 662-255-5981
Product: Victor Charlie 5.0 - change detection

Company: Bantam Books/Doubleday/Dell
Address: 666 Fifth Ave., New York, NY   10103
Product: V.I.R.U.S. Protection, Pamela Kane, 0-553-34799-3

Company: Bits-N-Bytes Computer Services
Address: 333 15th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA
Contact: Christopher Mateja
Email:   mchlg@cunyvm.cuny.edu
Product: virus database (product not yet available)

Company: Black Box Canada Corporation
Address: 1111 Flint Road, Unit 13, North York, Ontario   M3J 3C7
Phone:   +1-800-268-9262, +1-416-736-8011
Fax:     +1-800-268-4221
Product: PC Security Board

Company: NCC Blackwell
Address: 1001 Fries Mill Road, Blackwood, NJ   08012
Phone:   +1-800-257-7341, +1-609-629-0700
Product: Viruses, bugs and Star Wars, Geoff Simons, 1989, 0-85012-777-7

Company: Brightwork Development Inc. (cf McAfee)
Address: 766 Shrewsbury Ave., Jerral Center West, Tinton Falls, NJ  07724
Phone:   +1-908-530-0440, +1-800-552-9876 (US only), +1-201-530-0440
Fax:     +1-908-530-0622
Product: Sitelock, Novell add-on operation restricting software $495

Company: Business One Irwin
Address: Homewood, IL   60430 (Publisher One, Baltimore, Maryland?)
Product: The Computer Virus Desk Reference, 1992

Company: Canadian System Security Centre/Communication Security Establishment
Phone:   +1-613-991-7331
Fax:     +1-(613-991-7323
Contact: Aaron Cohen 
Email:   acohen@cse.dnd.ca
Other:   ftp site manitou.cse.dnd.ca

Company: Carmel Software Engineering
Address: EPG International, Hans-Stiessberger-Strasse 3, D-8013  Haar by
	 Muenchen (head office Israel?)
Email:   carmel@actcom.co.il
Other:   http://www.fbsolutions.com.ntav/
Product: Turbo Anti-Virus Set (basis for MSAV)

Company: Computer Antivirus Research Organisation (CARO)
Phone:   +49 721 376422
Fax:     +49 721 32550

Company: CE Software
Address: 1854 Fuller Road, PO Box 65580, West Des Moines, IA   50265
Contact: Don Brown
Product: Vaccine (Mac)

Company: Certus International (cf Symantec/Norton)

Company: Cheyenne Software
Address: 55 Bryant Avenue, Roslyn, NY   11576
Phone:   +1-800-243-9462, +1-516-484-5110
Fax:     +1-516-484-3493
Other:   http://www.cheyenne.com, ftp://ftp.cheyenne.com
Product: InocuLAN

Company: CMG Computer Products
Address: PO Box 160310, Austin, TX
Phone:   +1-512-329-8220
Product: APO disk access restriction

Company: COAST Project and Laboratory
Address: Dept. of Computer Sciences, Purdue University, W. Lafayette IN
Phone:   +1-317-494-6010
Fax:     +1-317-494-0739
Contact: Professor Gene Spafford
Email:   coast-request@cs.purdue.edu
Other:   http://www.cs.purdue.edu/coast/
Product: Tripwire integrity-monitor for Unix and security archive

Company: Command Software Systems, Inc.
Address: 1061 E. Indiantown Road, Suite 500, Jupiter, FL   33477
Phone:   +1-407-575-3200, +1-800-423-9147
Fax:     +1-407-575-3026
Contact: Lance McKay, Sarah Gordon
Email:   lmckay@commandcom.com, sales@commandcom.com, support@commandcom.com,
	 sgordon@commandcom.com, 463-2858@mcimail.com
Other:   BBS +1-407-575-1281, ftp://ftp.commandcom.com
Product: F-PROT Professional (cf Frisk)

Company: Commcrypt Inc. 
Address: 10000 Virginia Manor Road, Suite 300, Beltsville, MD   20705-2500
Phone:   +1-301-470-2503, +1-301-470-2500, +1-800-334-8338
Fax:     +1-301-470-2507
Other:   BBS: +1-301-470-2510
Product: Detect Plus, ACCESSGuard, CRYPTOLock

Company: Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Address: Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University,
	 Pittsburgh, PA   15213-3890
Phone:   +1-412-268-7090  (CERT 24 hour hotline)

Company: Computer Integrity Corporation
Address: PO Box 17721, Boulder, CO   80308
Product: Vaccinate

Company: Computer Virus Research Lab Wiesbaden (also Network Security Center)
Address: Howard Fuhs Elektronik, Rheingaustr. 152, 65203 Wiesbaden-Biebrich,
Phone:   +49 611 67713
Fax:     +49 611 603789
Contact: Howard Fuhs
Email:   100120.503@CompuServe.com
Other:   FIDO: 2:244/2120.7
Product: PC Vaccine Professional (see CSE), AVP (see KAMI), "Computerviren und
	 ihre Vermeidung" 3-528-05319-4

Company: Computer Virus Office
Address: The Ministry of International Trade and Industry,
	 IPA(Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan), 3-1-38,
	 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105 JAPAN
Phone:   03-3437-2301
Fax:     03-3437-5386

Company: Contemporary Books
Address: 3250 South Western Avenue, Chicago, IL   60608
Phone:   +1-312-782-9181
Sales:   Beaverbooks Ltd., 195 Allstate Parkway, Markham, Ontario   L3R 4T8
Product: Virus!: the secret world of computer invaders that breed and destroy,
	 Allen Lundell, 1989

Company: Cordant Inc.
Address: 11400 Commerce Park Drive, Reston, VA 22091-1506
Phone:   +1-703-758-7303
Contact: Bryan Dorsey
Product: Assure HW/SW antiviral

Company: COSMI, Inc.
Address: 431 N. Figueroa Street, Wilmington, CA 90744
Phone:   +1-310-835-9687
Product: Virus Terminator 

Company: Computer Security Institute (CSI)/Miller Freeman
Address: 600 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA   94107
Phone:   +1-415-397-1881, +1-415-905-2470
Product: "Computer Security Handbook", "CSI Black Book", "The PC Virus Control
	 Handbook", Jacobson, 1990

Company: Computer Security Engineers LTD (CSE)
Address: St. James House, New St. James Place, St. Helier, Jersey JE4 8WH,
	 Channel Islands
Phone:   +44 534 500 400
Fax:     +44 534 500 450
Sales:   (see also Computer Virus Research Lab Wiesbaden)
Support: P.O.Box 85502, 2508CE Den Haag, Netherlands, Tel.: +31 70 36 52 269,
	 Fax : +31 70 36 52 286, BBS: +31 70 38 98 822
Contact: Niels-Jorgen Bjergstrom, Commercial Director; Righard Zwienenberg,
Email:   njb@csehost.knoware.nl
Product: PC Vaccine Professional

Company: CSIR Virus Protection Services
Email:   virus@vps.cis.co.za
Other:   http://africa.cis.co.za/csir/info/des-vps.html
Product: VPS

Company: Cybec
Address: PO Box 205, Suite 3, 350 Hampton Street, Hampton, Victoria   3188,
Phone:   +61 3 9521 0655, +44-6-0683-6780, +353-5-138-3650, +605-281-2757,
Fax:     +61 3 9521 0727
Contact: Nichols Engleman, Roger Riordan
Email:   support@cybec.com.au, sales@cybec.com.au
Other:   http://www.cybec.com.au/
Product: VET antiviral, "Viruses and Your PC"

Company: CyberSoft, Inc.
Address: 1508 Butler Pike, Conshohocken, PA 19428
Phone:   +1-610-825-4748
Fax:     +1-610-825-6785
Contact: Peter V. Radatti, President
Email:   radatti@cyber.com, info@cyber.com
Product: VFIND UNIX and NT antiviral

Company: Cylink Corporation
Address: 910 Hermosa Court, Sunnyvale, CA  94086
Phone:   +1-408-735-5800, +1-800-533-3958
Fax:     +1-408-720-8294
Product: SecurePC - half card DES encryptor

Company: Data Fellows Ltd
Address: Paivantaite 8, FIN-02210 ESPOO, FINLAND
Phone:   +358-0-478 444
Fax:     +358-0-4784 4599
Email:   f-prot@datafellows.fi
Other:   BBS: +358-0-4784 4500, http://www.datafellows.fi/
Product: F-PROT Professional (cf Frisk)

Company: Datamedia Corporation
Address: 20 Trafalger Square, Nashua, NH   03063
Phone:   +1-603-886-1570
Fax:     +1-603-886-1782
Sales:   One Woodlands Court, Ash Ridge Road, Almondsbury, Bristol   BS12 4LB,
	 +454 201515, FAX: +454 616367
Product: SECUREcard for PC

Company: Datawatch Corporation
Address: Triangle Software Division, P. O. Box 51489, Durham, NC   27717
Phone:   +1-919-490-1277, +1-800-822-8224
Support: (see also Software Concepts Design)
Contact: Mary Golden-Hughes
Other:   BBS: +1-919-419-1602
Product: Virex-PC, also Virex for Mac - scanner

Company: George Davidsohn and Son Inc./The Davidsohn Group
Address: 20 Exchange Place, 27th Floor, New York, NY   10005
Phone:   +1-212-422-4100, +1-800-999-6031
Fax:     +1-212-422-1953
Sales:   PR - Howard J. Rubenstein Assoc. Inc.
Support: +1-212-363-3201
Contact: 212-489-6900 - Laurie N. Terry
Email:   warren@worlds.com
Product: Vaccine 5.00 antiviral

Company: DialogueScience, Inc.
Address: Computing Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Room No 103a,
	 House No 40, Vavilova street, 117967, GSP-1, Moscow, Russia
Phone:   +7-095-137-0150, 135-6253
Fax:     +7-095-938-2970, 938-2855
Contact: Sergei Antimonov, General Director
Email:   lyu@dials.msk.su, bob@dials.msk.su, loz@dials.msk.su
Other:   BBS: +7-095-938-2856, FidoNet 2:5020/69,
Product: Aidstest virus scanner/disinfector primarily for Russian viruses,
	 Doctor Web, ADinf

Company: Digital Dispatch, Inc.
Address: 9725 Pleasant Avenue South, Suite 2L, Bloomington, MN   55420
Phone:   +1-612-884-9914, +1-800-221-8091
Fax:     +1-612-884-9916
Product: Antigen, Data Physician, Novirus-Anti-viral software

Company: Digital Enterprises
Address: Gaithersburg, MD
Product: V-Card

Company: Director Technologies Inc.
Address: 906 University Place, Evanston, IL   60201
Product: Disk Defender-Half-Slot Virus Write-Interrupt Device

Company: Diversified Computer Products and Services
Phone:   +1-617-592-9001
Fax:     +1-617-776-1515 (answered by switchboard, though)
Product: PC Doctor antiviral

Company: EliaShim Microcomputers Ltd.
Address: 5 Haganim St., Haifa 35022, Israel
Phone:   +972-4-516111, +972-3-5628620
Fax:     +972-4-528613
Support: +972-3-5628618
Contact: Jonathon Stotter
Email:   info@eliashim.co.il
Other:   BBS +972-4-516113, http://www.eliashim.com/
Product: ViruSafe antiviral, MasterSafe general security program

Company: Elsevier
Address: Mayfield House, 256 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7DH, England
Sales:   655 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY   10010, +1-212-989-5800,
	 fax: +1-212-633-3990
Product: "Computer Virus Handbook", Harold Joseph Highland, 1990, 0-946395-46-2

Company: EMD Enterprises 
Address: 7930 Belridge Road - Suite B , Baltimore, MD 
Fax:     +1-717-235-1456
Contact: Alan A. Gilmore, Director of Marketing
Email:   A.GILMORE1@genie.geis.com
Other:   http://www.almac.co.uk/business_park/mis/
Product: scanner and hardware device 

Company: Enigma Logic Inc.
Address: 2151 Salvio Street, #301, Concord, CA   94565   USA (94520?)
Phone:   +1-415-827-5707, +1-800-333-4416 (US only)
Fax:     +1-415-827-2593
Contact: Bob Bosen
Product: Safeword - change detection software

Company: ESaSS B.V.
Address: P.o. box 1380, , 6501 BJ  Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Phone:   31 - 80 - 787 881 
Fax:     31 - 80 - 789 186
Sales:   Calmer Software Services, 361 Somerville Rd, Hornsby Heights NSW 2077,
	 AUSTRALIA, +61 2 4821715; or P.O. Box 527, Dagsboro, DE 19939,
	 +1-302-732-3105, fax +1-302-732-3105
Contact: Frans Veldman
Email:   Veldman@esass.iaf.nl
Other:   Data: 31 - 85 - 212 395, (2:280/200 @fidonet),
	 http://www.thunderbyte.com/, ftp://ftp.thunderbyte.com
Product: Thunderbyte Utilities, Thunderbyte card

Company: European Institute of Computer Antivirus Research (EICAR)
Address: c/o Siemens Nixdorf AG, Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, D-8000 Muenchen 83, Germany
Phone:   +49 089 636 82 660
Fax:     +49 089 636 82 824
Contact: Dr Paul Langemeyer

Company: Fink Enterprises
Address: 11 Glen Cameron Road, Unit 11, Thornhill, Ontario   L3T 4N3
Phone:   +1-416-764-5648
Fax:     +1-416-764-5649
Product: IRIS Antivirus (from Israel, cf Techmar)

Company: Fischer International Systems Corporation
Address: P. O. Box 9107, 4073 Merchantile Avenue, Naples, Florida 33942
Phone:   +1-813-643-1500, +1-800-237-4510
Product: Watchdog

Company: Foley Hi-Tech Systems
Address: 172 Amber Drive, San Francisco, CA  94131
Phone:   +1-415-826-6084
Fax:     +1-415-826-1706
Other:   BBS +1-415-826-1707 
Product: Safety Disk

Company: FoundationWare (cf Symantec)

Company: Frisk Software International
Address: Postholf 7180, IS-127 Reykjavik, Iceland
Phone:   +354-5-617273
Fax:     +354-5-617274
Sales:   see Command Software, Data Fellows and SafetyNet; German version
	 +49-40-6932033 or percomp@infohh.rmi.de
Contact: Fridrik Skulason, Vesselin Bontchev
Email:   sales@complex.is, support@complex.is
Product: F-PROT 2.xx Virus detection/protection/disinfection

Company: G4 Software
Phone:   +1-800-486-9552
Fax:     +1-310-536-9796
Product: Virotect

Company: Ross M. Greenberg
Address: Post Office Box 335, New Kingston, New York 12459, (Virus Acres, New
	 Kingston, NY 12459)
Phone:   +1-914-586-1700
Fax:     +1-914-586-2025
Email:   greenber@ramnet.com
Product: Flu_shot+ antiviral/Virex-PC (see also Microcom)

Company: H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH
Address: Olgastrasse 4, D-88069 Tettnang, Germany
Phone:   +49-7542-93040
Fax:     +49-7542-52510
Email:   71310.3140@compuserve.com
Other:   BBS +49=7542-52110
Product: AVScan

Company: Higher Ground Diagnostics, Inc. (cf Trend Micro Devices)
Address: 901-F Robinwood Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43213 or 4061 Riverlook
	 Parkway, Marrietta, GA 30067
Phone:   +1-404-951-9466, +1-614-236-4602, +1-800-741-BRAD (-2723)
Fax:     +1-614-236-4804
Sales:   John Luke, Benefit Sales Inc., PO Box 11825, Daytona Beach, Florida
	 32114-1825, +1-904-677-9600, fax +1-904-677-0040, mmn@america.com
Product: Immune II (cf PC-Cillin)

Company: Patricia M. Hoffman      
Address: 3333 Bowers Ave Suite 130, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA
Phone:   +1-408-988-3773
Fax:     +1-408-988-2438
Sales:   Vacci Virus, 84 Hammond Street, Waltham, MA 02154, +1-617-893-8282,
	 FAX +1-617-969-0385
Email:   75300.3005@compuserve.com
Other:   BBS +1-408-244-0813
Product: Virus Summary Document

Company: IBM Corporation
Address: Long Meadow Road, Sterling Forest, NY   10979
Sales:   +1-800-742-2493
Contact: Steve Rosenblatt, Brand +1-914-759-4582
Email:   chess@watson.Ibm.Com
Other:   http://www.brs.ibm.com/ibmav.html, gopher://index.almaden.ibm.com
Product: IBM Antivirus

Company: The Idea Factory Corp.
Address: 111 Greenbrier Drive, Suite 400, Aptos, CA   95003-5718
Phone:   +1-408-662-0101
Fax:     +1-408-688-6763
Sales:   +1-905-827-3339
Other:   http://www.mediacity.com/idea.html
Product: The Virus Trap (ROM BIOS extension card)

Company: Information Systems to Increase Profits
Address: P. O. Box 4529, Middletown, New York   10940
Phone:   +1-800-274-3007
Fax:     +1-914-496-3504
Product: Sys Guard, Sys Guard Security Card and Virus Guardian VG-303 card

Company: Integrity Technologies, Inc.
Address: 1395 Main Street, Metuchen, NJ   10004
Product: VirALARM 2000 PC

Company: Intel Corp.
Address: 3065 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara, CA   95051
Phone:   +1-503-629-7000
Fax:     +1-800-458-6231, +1-503-629-7580, +44-793-431-166
Sales:   +1-800-538-3373, +44-793-431-155
Support: Pay +1-900-288-7700 ($30 per call), +44-793-421-777 (French), +44-793-
	 421-333 (German)
Other:   BBS +1-503-645-6275, +44-793-432-955,
Product: LANDesk Virus Protect (formerly LANProtect)

Company: International Microcomputer Software Inc. (IMSI)
Address: 1938 Fourth Street, San Rafael,  CA  94901
Phone:   +1-415-454-7101, +1-800-833-4674
Other:   BBS 415-454-2893
Product: VirusCure Plus

Company: IRIS Software (I.  S.  Software and Computers LTD.)
Address: 6 Haodem Street, Petach Tikva, Israel
Phone:   +972-3-9221280
Fax:     +972-3-9228060
Contact: Donny Gillor, Development Manager
Email:   DONNY@iris.co.il
Product: AntiVirus Plus

Company: Isolation Systems
Address: 26 Six Point Road, (Willowdale, Ontario?)
Phone:   +1-416-231-1248
Contact: Patrick Bird, President
Email:   heuman@mtnlake.com, heuman@user.rose.com
Product: PC, Mac security board

Company: JADE Corporation Ltd.
Phone:   +81-54-252-0085
Fax:     +81-54-221-0282
Email:   100225.3467@compuserve.com
Product: ScanVakzin

Company: Jitec
Phone:   +1-514-462-3132
Contact: Benoit Laliberte
Product: Vectoria "virus proof" PCs

Company: Johnson Computer Systems, Inc.
Address: 20 Dinwiddie Place, Newport News, Virginia 23602
Phone:   +1-804-872-9583
Fax:     +1-804-874-8090
Other:   BBS: 804-877-6261
Product: PC-Vault software write protection (formerly PC-Lock)

Company: Chris Johnson
Product: Gatekeeper and Gatekeeper Aid (Mac)

Company: KAMI Ltd.
Address: 109052 Nizhegorodskaya st. 29, Moscow, Russia (until Jan, 1996)
Address: 123364 Geroev Panfilovtcev str., 10, Moscow, Russia
Phone:   +7 (095) 262-1294, 923-0261
Fax:     +7 (095) 278-9418, +7 (501) 882-8628
Sales:   ALEX International Inc.&Co., Credit Suisse, ch-8070 Zurich,
	 Paradeplatz, 8, Postfach 590G134; MC3162@mclink.it; Central Command
	 Inc., P.O. Box 856 Brunswick, Ohio 44212, +1-216-273-2820,
	 sales@command-hq.com; pierrev@ibm.net; roger@sydney.dialix.oz.au;
	 vac@uucp.polbox.com.pl; mannig@world-net.sct.fr; prokon@gtc11.gtc.net;
	 avp-support@metro-net.ch; 100120.503@compuserve.com
Contact: Eugene Kaspersky
Email:   eugene@kamis.msk.su, natalya@kamis.msk.su
Other:   BBS: +7 (095) 278-9949, FidoNet: 2:5020/156, http://www.icomm.rnd.su/,
	 ftp://ftp.command-hq.com/pub/command/avp, ftp://ftp.icomm.rnd.su,
Product: Antiviral Toolkit Pro (AVP)

Company: Kensington Microware Ltd.
Address: 2855 Campus Drive, San Mateo, CA   94403
Phone:   +1-415-572-2700
Product: Passproof (Mac)

Company: Key Concepts
Address: 316 South Eddy St., South Bend, IN   46617
Phone:   +1-219-234-4207, +1-800-526-6753
Fax:     +1-219-234-6414
Product: SureKey/2

Company: KWARE Inc.
Address: 2952 Timberwood Way, Herndon, VA   22071
Phone:   +1-703-560-2076
Sales:   dist. by REB Management Consultants Inc., 8518 Spartan Road, Fairfax,
	 VA   22031
Product: SEER (MS-DOS)

Company: Laboratory of Computer Virology
Address: Bulgarian Academy of Science, Bulgaria, Sofia 1113
Phone:   +359-2-719212
Contact: Eugene Nikolov
Email:   eugene@virbus.bg
Other:   BBS: +359-2-737484 (9600bps), FidoNet 2:359/110

Company: Lassen Software, Inc.
Address: 5923 Clark Road, Suite F, P. O. Box 2319, Paradise, CA   95967-2319
Phone:   +1-800-338-2126, +1-916-877-0408, +1-916-877-0512
Fax:     +1-916-877-1164
Product: Trusted Access

Company: LeeMah DataCom Security Corp.
Address: 3948 Trust Way, Hayward, CA   94545
Phone:   +1-415-786-0790

Company: Leprechaun Software Pty Ltd
Address: PO Box 134, Lutwyche  Queensland  4003, Australia
Phone:   +61 7 2524037
Sales:   Leprechaun International, 2284 Pine Warbler Way, Marietta Georgia
	 30062 USA, +1-404 971 8900, +1-800-521-8849, fax +1-404 971 8988
Contact: Roger Thompson (res.) +1-404-509-7314
Other:   http://www.leprechaun.co.au/
Product: Virus Buster antiviral

Company: Levin and Associates
Address: PO Box 14546, Philadelphia, PA   19115
Phone:   +1-215-333-8274
Product: Checkup change detection (MS-DOS)

Company: Roger Lindberg
Address: Cyklonvagen 3, 451 60  Uddevalla, SWEDEN
Product: FLIST and FCHECK (Atari)

Company: Magna
Phone:   +1-800-755-MAGNA (not from Canada), +1-408-433-5467
Product: Empower (Mac)

Company: Mainstay
Address: 5311-B Derry Avenue, Agoura Hills, CA   91301
Product: Antitoxin (Mac)

Company: Maze Computer Group
Address: PO Box 515, Lenon Hill Station, (New York, NY   10021?)
Product: V*Screen

Company: McAfee Associates
Address: 2710 Walsh Avenue, Suite 200, Santa Clara, California, 95051-0963
Phone:   +1-408-988-3832
Fax:     +1-408-970-9727
Email:   mcafee@aol.com, mcafee@netcom.com, support@mcafee.com,
Other:   BBS +1-408-988-4004, mcafee.com is IP,
	 http://www.mcafee.com/, ftp://ftp.mcafee.com/pub/antivirus
Product: Viruscan suite of programs plus other utility software

Company: McGraw-Hill Ryerson/Osborne
Address: 2600 Tenth St., Berkeley, CA   94710
Phone:   +1-415-548-2805, +1-800-227-0900
Sales:   300 Water Street, Whitby, Ontario   L1N 9B6, +1-416-430-5000, fax:
Product: "The Computer Virus Handbook", Richard Levin, 1990, 0-07-881647-5

Company: Mergent (formerly Pyramid Development Corp.)
Address: 70 Inwood Rd, Rocky Hill, CT   06067-3441
Phone:   +1-203-953-9832, +1-800-759-3000, +1-800-688-DACS (3227)
Fax:     +1-203-953-3435
Product: PC/DACS retail $249.00.

Company: Micronyx Inc
Address: 1901 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400, Richardson, TX   75080
Phone:   +1-800-634-8786, +1-214-690-0595
Fax:     +1-fax: 214-690-1733
Sales:   7 Canon Harnett Court, Warren Farm Office Village, Stratford Road,
	 Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes, England   MK12 5NF, 0908-221247, Fax:
Support: +1-214-644-1344
Product: SAFE (Secure Access For the Enterprise), TriSpan

Company: Microseeds Publishing, Inc.
Address: 2 Dorset Ln, #A, Williston, VT   05495-9758
Contact: authors Frederic Miserey and Jean-Michel Decombe from France
Product: Rival antiviral (Mac)

Company: National Computer Security Assn (NCSA)
Address: 10 South Courthouse Avenue, Carlisle, PA   17013
Phone:   +1-717-258-1816
Fax:     +1-717-243-8642
Sales:   P.O. Box 509 Westmount, Montreal, Quebec   H3Z 2T6, +1-514-931-6187,
	 fax +1-514-931-0878
Contact: Bob Bales, Peter Tippett, Michel Kabay, Richard Ford
Email:   rford@ncsa.com, bbales@ncsa.com, ptippett@ncsa.com, mkabay@ncsa.com
Other:   http://www.ncsa.com
Product: conference

Company: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Address: Computer Security Division, A-216 Technology, Gaithersburg, MD 20899
Phone:   +1-301-975-33282
Fax:     +1-301-948-0279
Contact: Bob Bagwill webmaster@csrc.nist.gov, rbagwill@nist.gov
Email:   csrc@nist.gov
Other:   BBS (WWW dialin): +1-301-948-5717, http://csrc.nist.gov/virus/,
	 ftp://csrc.nist.gov/virus/, gopher://csrc.nist.gov/virus/

Company: Nemesis
Address: Am Rain 8b, D-7512 Rheinstetten 2, Karlsruhe, Germany, Sparkasse,
	 Ettlingen, BLZ  660 512 20, Kto. 135 66 33 
Contact: Sysop: Robert Hoerner
Other:   BBS +49-721-821355, Fido 2:2476/8
Product: Nemesis activity monitor

Company: Netpro
Other:   http://www.netpro.com/ (unreliable)
Product: Scanmaster

Company: Network-1 Inc.
Address: PO Box 8370, L.I.C., NY   11101
Phone:   +1-800-NETWRK1, +1-718-932-7599
Fax:     +1-718-545-3754
Product: Check-4-Virus for VMS $495.

Company: NetZ Computing Ltd. (see also NSE Software)
Address: Israel
Sales:   marketed in the US by Vine Computer Industry
Contact: Zvi Netiv
Other:   http://invircible.com/, ftp://invircible.com
Product: InVircible antiviral

Company: Nighthawk Electronics Ltd.
Address: P. O. Box 44, Saffron Walden, Essex  CB11 3ND, UK
Phone:   (0799) 40881
Fax:     (0799) 41713

Company: Norman Defense Data Systems Inc. (formerly International Computer
	 Security Association [ICSA] and National Computer Security Association
Address: 2775-B Hartland Road, Falls Church, VA   22043
Phone:   +1-703-573-8802
Fax:     +1-703-573-3919
Contact: David Stang
Email:   norman@digex.com, 75300.2673@CompuServe.COM
Other:   BBS: 703-573-8990, http://www.norman.com, ftp://ftp.norman.com
Product: ViruSchool and V-Base programs

Company: John Norstad
Address: Academic Computing and Network Services, Northwestern University, 2129
	 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208 USA
Email:   j-norstad@nwu.edu
Other:   archived at ftp.acns.nwu.edu (
Product: Disinfectant for Mac

Company: Northbank Corporation
Address: Richmond, VA
Product: Guard Card

Company: NSE Software (see also NetZ Computing)
Address: 7 Abba Hillel St., Ramat-Gan 52522, Israel
Phone:   +972-3-575 6324
Fax:     +972-3-575 7434
Contact: Amir Netiv
Other:   BBS:   +972-3-575 8585 (9:9721/120)
Product: V-CARE, V-GUARD, ViGUARD Generic Anti-Virus.

Company: Orion Microsystems
Address: PO Box 128, Pierrefords, Quebec   H9H 4K8
Phone:   +1-514-626-9234
Product: Ntivirus

Company: Lars-Erik 0sterud
Address: 0kriveien 39, N-1349 Rykkinn, Norway
Phone:   +47-2-131571
Other:   ABK-BBS +47-2-132659
Product: Protect6 (Atari)

Company: Panda Systems
Address: 801 Wilson Road, Wilmington, DE   19803
Phone:   +1-800-727-2632, +1-302-764-4722
Email:   PSKane@Dockmaster.ncsc.mil or 0003607248@mcimail.com
Product: Dr. Panda Utilities, BEARTRAP, Panda Pro

Company: PanSoft Software & Support
Address: P.O. Box 12-292, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND or 52A Dyers Pass Road,
	 Christchurch, 2, NEW ZEALAND
Phone:   (064) 3 3322-727
Contact: Peter Johnson

Company: PC Dynamics Inc.
Address: 31332 Via Colinas, Suite 102, Westlake Village, CA   91362
Phone:   +1-818-889-1741, +1-800-888-1741
Product: Total Security

Company: PC Guardian Security Products
Address: 1133 E. Francisco Blvd., Suite D, San Rafael, CA 94901-5427
Phone:   +1-800-288-8126, +1-415-459-0190
Fax:     +1-415-459-1162
Contact: Noah Groth, President; Brett Fhuere 800-882-7766
Product: Data Security Plus, Encryption Plus

Company: Penn State Virus Committee
Address: Penn State University
Phone:   +1-814-863-7896
Contact: Chair - Gerry Santoro

Company: Personal Computer Card Corp.
Address: 5151 S. Lakeland Dr., #16, Lakeland, FL   33813
Phone:   +1-813-644-5026
Product: PCSS

Company: A. Padgett Peterson
Address: POB 1203, Windermere, FLA, 34786
Phone:   +1-407-352-6007
Fax:     +1-407-352-6027
Email:   padgett@tccslr.dnet.mmc.com

Company: Pittsburgh Computer Virus Specialists
Address: PO Box 19026, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone:   +1-412/481-3505
Fax:     +1-412/481-8568
Other:   BBS: 412/481-5302
Product: AntiVirus consultation services, Subscription FAX service

Company: Jonathan Potter
Address: P.O. Box 289, Goodwood, SA 5034, Australia
Phone:   (08) 2932788
Product: ZeroVirus for Amiga

Company: Prentice Hall, Inc./Brady
Address: One Lake St., Upper Saddle River, NJ   07458
Phone:   +1-201-236-7139, +1-800-428-5331
Fax:     +1-201-236-7131
Contact: Beth Mullen-Hespe
Email:   beth_hespe@prenhall.com
Product: "Computer Viruses and Anti-virus Warfare", Hruska, 1990

Company: Reflex Magnetics
Email:   reflex@reflexpacific.com
Other:   http://www.hk.linkage.net/~reflex/, http://www.iol.ie/~ralf/
Product: Disknet

Company: RG Software Systems Inc
Address: 6900 East Camelback Road, Suite 630, Scottsdale AZ 85251
Phone:   +1-602-423-8000
Fax:     +1-602-423-8389
Contact: Ray Glath
Email:   76304.1407@CompuServe.COM, rayglath@axtec.asu.edu
Other:   BBS  +1-602-970-6901
Product: Vi-Spy, Virus Bulletin subscriptions (PC Tracker)

Company: Rising Computer Science and Technology Company
Address: Level 3, North Block, Yi Bin Fan Dian, Hai Dian District, Beijing
	 100080, P. R. China
Phone:   256-7073
Fax:     256-4934
Contact: Alex Lau
Email:   alau@sirius.com
Product: Rising Anti-Virus Card (RAVC)

Company: S&S International Ltd.
Address: Alton House, Gatehouse Way, Aylesbury, Bucks   HP19 3XU, England
Phone:   +44 1296 318700
Fax:     +44 1296 318777
Sales:   +44 1296 318800, Sales Fax: +44 1296 318888, S&S Software
	 International, Inc., 17 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA  
	 01803, +1-617-273-7412, fax +1-617-273-7474
Support: support@sands.co.uk, support@sands.com
Email:   info@drsolomon.com
Other:   BBS: +44 1296 318810, http://www.sands.com, ftp://ftp.sands.com,
	 http://www.drsolomon.com/, ftp://ftp.drsolomon.com
Product: Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit (AVT) 7.0, "Dr. Solomon's Virus
	 Encyclopedia", "Secure Computing" magazine

Company: Safetynet, Inc.
Address: 140 Mountain Ave, Springfield, NJ 07081
Phone:   +1-201-467-1024, 1-800-OS2-SAFE
Fax:     +1-201-467-1611
Email:   support@safe.net, safety@gti.net
Other:   BBS: +1-201-467-1581, http://www.safe.net/safety/,
	 ftp://ftp.safe.net/pub/safetynet/, http://w3.gti.net/safety/
Product: StopLight ELS, StopLight LAN, StopLight for OS/2, VirusNet PC,
	 VirusNet LAN (contains F-Prot, cf Frisk)

Company: St. Martin's Press
Address: 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY   10010
Product: "Computer Viruses, Worms, Data Diddlers, Killer Programs and Other
	      Threats to Your System: what they are, how they work and how to
	      defend your PC, Mac or mainframe", John McAfee and Colin Hayes,
	      1989, 0-312-02889-X

Company: SECTRA
Address: Teknikringen 2, S-583 30 Linkoping, SWEDEN
Phone:   +46 13 235214, +46 13 235200
Fax:     +46 13 212185
Contact: Tommy Pedersen
Email:   tcp@sectra.se
Product: TCell unix change checker

Company: Secure Systems
Phone:   +1-813-392-4821, +1-404-475-8787
Fax:     +1-404-740-8050
Email:   sharonwebb@delphi.com
Other:   BBS: 404-475-0833
Product: <LOCK>

Company: Securkey Systems Inc.
Address: 1674 Eglington Ave. West, Toronto, Ontario   M6E 2H3
Phone:   +1-416-784-2883
Fax:     +1-416-784-0338
Product: telecommunications encryption interface, DES/MAC keys

Company: Alexander Shehovtsov
Phone:   (044) 266-70-28 (9:00 - 18:00 Kiev, Ukraine) voice
Other:   FidoNet  2:463/30.5  or  2:463/34.4
Product: RLOCK software write protection

Company: Jeffrey S. Shulman
Product: VirusBlockade, VirusDetective (Mac)

Company: Silver Oak Systems
Product: IronClad

Company: Softhansa GmbH
Product: AntiVirus 1.0E (Mac)

Company: Software Systems
Address: 2300 Computer Avenue, Suite 15, Willow Grove, PA   19090
Product: Disk Watcher

Company: Solinfo Ltda.
Address: Calle 71 No. 10-48 Ofc. 501, Bogota, Colombia
Phone:   +571-211-4469, +571-212-2174
Fax:     +571-211-5750
Contact: Luis Bernardo Chicaiza Sandoval
Email:   solinfo@uniandes.edu.co
Product: Compucilina antiviral (review copies not available)

Company: Sophco
Address: P.O. Box 7430, Boulder, CO   80306
Product: Vaccinate-Anti-Viral Software

Company: Sophos Plc/Virus Bulletin Ltd.
Address: 21 The Quadrant, Abingdon Science Park, Abingdon, Oxfordshire  
	 OX14 3YS, UK
Phone:   +44-235-559933, +44-235-555139
Fax:     +44-235-559935
Email:   enquires@sophos.com, virusbtn@vax.ox.ac.uk
Other:   http://www.sophos.com, ftp://ftp.sophos.com
Product: Vaccine, Sweep and D-Fence antivirals, Virus Bulletin periodical,
	 "Survivor's Guide to Computer Viruses", 1993, 0-9522114-0-8, UK#19.95
Company: Springer-Verlag
Address: 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY   10010
Phone:   +1-212-460-1500, +1-800-777-4643
Fax:     +1-212-473-6272
Sales:   Heidelberger Platz 3, D-14197 Berlin, +49-30-82071; 8 Alexandra Road,
	 London   SW19 7JZ, +44-81-947 5885
Email:   orders@springer-ny.com, ertel@springer.de
Product: "A Pathology of Computer Viruses" by David Ferbrache of the UK Defense
	 Research Agency, 1992, 0-387-19610-2/3-540-19610-2, $49.00; "PC
	 Viruses: Detection, Analysis and Cure", Solomon, Alan, 1991; "Robert
	 Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses", 1996, 0-387-946632

Company: Star Technologies (UK) Ltd
Address: Passfield Enterprise Centre, Liphook, Hants, GU30 7SB
Phone:   +44-428 751091
Fax:     +44-428 751117
Contact: Greg Watson
Email:   gw@startech.demon.co.uk
Product: UNIX virus checker (Intel/BIOS BSIs only?)

Company: Stiller Research
Address: 2625 Ridgeway St., Tallahassee, FL  32310-5169
Phone:   +1-904-575-0920
Fax:     +1-904-575-7884
Email:   74777.3004@compuserve.com
Other:   http://delta.com/stiller/stiller.htm
Product: Integrity Master change detection software

Company: Stroem System Soft
Address: Husebyveien 58c, 7078 Saupstad, Trondheim, Norway
Contact: Henrik Stroem
Email:   hstroem@ed.unit.no, hstroem@pvv.unit.no
Product: HS 3.58 

Company: Peter Stuer
Address: Kauwlei 21, B-2550 Kontich, Belgium
Email:   Peter.Stuer@p7.f603.n292.z2.FidoNet.Org
Product: BootX (Amiga)

Company: Swarthmore Software Systems
Address: 526 Walnut Lane, Swarthmore, PA   19081
Product: Bombsquad, Check-4-Bomb Anti-Trojan software

Company: Symantec
Address: 10201 Torre Avenue, Cupertino, CA   95014
Phone:   +1-408-253-9600, +1-800-441-7234, +1-416-923-1033
Fax:     +1-503-334-7400
Support: Cust. Serv. +1-408-252-3570, Technical Support: +1-503-465-8450
Other:   BBS: +1-503-484-6669, Retrieval Fax: +1-503-984-2490,
	 http://www.symantec.com, ftp://ftp.symantec.com
Product: Norton AntiVirus and Utilites, SAM (Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh)

Company: Systems Comunicazioni Srl
Email:   ortorob@dns.rgn.it
Other:   http://sb1.shiny.it/itav.html
Product: ITAVpro

Company: Tacoma Software Systems
Address: 7526 John Dower Road W., Tacoma, WA  98467
Product: VIRSTOP 1.05

Company: T.C.P. Techmar Computer Products
Address: 98-11 Queens Boulevard (Suite 2-C), Rego Park, NY   11374
Phone:   +1-800-922-0015 (US only), +1-718-275-6800
Fax:     +1-718-520-0170
Product: IRIS Antivirus (cf Fink), Antivirus Plus, VirAway scanner, COMLOCK

Company: Steve Tibbett
Phone:   +1-613-731-5316
Email:   s.tibbett on BIX
Other:   BBS +1-613-731-3419
Product: VirusX for Amiga

Company: Thompson Network Software
Address: PO Bx 669306, Marietta Georgia 30062 USA
Phone:   +1-404 971 8900, +1-800-521-8849
Fax:     +1-404 971 8988
Contact: Roger Thompson (res.) 404-509-7314
Email:   support@thomnet.com, roger@thomnet.com
Product: Network Security Organizer

Company: Thuna Technologies (Upgrades, Etc.?)
Address: 2432-A Palma Drive, Ventura, Ca.  93003-5732
Phone:   +1-800-955-3527
Fax:     +1-805-650-6515
Sales:   +1-805-650-2030
Support: +1-805-650-2044, +1-805-650-2042
Product: MR. BIOS

Company: Tomauri Inc.
Address: 30 West Beaver Creek Road, Unit 13, Richmond Hill, Ontario   L4B 3K1
Phone:   +1-416-886-8122
Fax:     +1-905-886-6452
Product: PC Guard - password protection board, also for Mac

Company: Transfinite Systems Company, Inc.
Address: PO Box N, MIT Post Office, Cambridge, MA   02139
Phone:   +1-617-969-9570
Product: Ft. Knox (Mac)

Company: Trend Micro Devices Inc. (cf Higher Ground Diagnostics)
Address: 2421 W. 205th St., #D-100, Torrance, CA   90501
Phone:   +1-310-782-8190, +1-800-228-5651
Fax:     +1-310-328-5892
Other:   BBS: 310-320-2523, http://www.trendmicro.com/,
Product: PC-cillin - change detection hardware/software

Company: University of Cincinnati
Address: Dep't. of Computer Engineering, Mail Loc. 30 - 898 Rhodes Hall,
	 Cincinnati, OH   45221-0030
Product: Cryptographic Checksum-Anti-Viral software

Company: usrEZ
Address: 18881 Von Karman Ave., Suite 1270, Irvine CA   92715
Phone:   +1-714-573-2548
Product: ultraSECURE for Mac

Company: Van Nostrand Reinhold
Address: 115 Fifth Ave., New York, NY   10003
Product: "The Computer Virus Crisis", Fites/Johston/Kratz, 1989, 0-442-28532-9;
	 "Rogue Programs", edited Lance Hoffman, 1990, ISBN 0-442-00454-0

Company: Vancouver Institute for Research into User Security
Address: 3118 Baird Road, North Vancouver, B. C.   V7K 2G6
Contact: Robert Slade (res.) +1-604-984-4067 
Email:   roberts@decus.ca, Rob.Slade@f733.n153.z1.fidonet.org
Product: seminars, vendor contact list, product reviews, V.I.R.U.S.

Company: VDS Advanced Research Group
Address: P.O. Box 9393, Baltimore, MD 21228
Phone:   +1-717-846-2343
Fax:     +1-717-846-2533
Contact: Tarkan Yetiser
Email:   tyetiser@yrkpa.kias.com
Other:   BBS +1-717-846-3873, http://yrkpa.kias.com/~tyetiser/
Product: VDS change detector and scanner

Company: John Veldthuis
Address: 21 Ngatai Street, Manaia, Taranaki, 4851, New Zealand
Phone:   +64-6-274-8409
Email:   johnv@tower.actrix.gen.nz
Other:   FIDO 3:775/40.0, archived at ab20.larc.nasa.gov
Product: Virus_Checker for Amiga 

Company: A. & Z. Vidovic
Address: Tour Panoramique, Duchere, 69009 Lyon, France
Product: Chasseur II (Atari)

Company: Villa Crespo Software
Address: 1725 McGovern Street, Highland Park, IL   60035
Phone:   +1-708-433-0500
Fax:     +1-708-433-1485
Product: Failsafe Computer Guardian

Company: Secure Computing (formerly Virus News International) (cf S&S Int'l)
Address: William Knox House, Britannic Way, Llandarcy, Swansea, SA10 6NL,
Phone:   +44 (0) 792-324000
Fax:     +44 (0) 792-324001
Product: security periodical

Company: Virus Test Center, University of Hamburg
Address: Fachbereich Informatik - AGN, Vogt-Koelln-Strasse 30, rm. 107 C, 22527
	 Hamburg, Germany
Phone:   +49-40-4123-4158 (KB), -4175 (SFH), -4162 (ML)
Contact: Margit Leuschner (VTC, secretary), Prof. Dr. Klaus Brunnstein, Simone
Email:   brunnstein@rz.informatik.uni-hamburg.dbp.de
Product: Computer Virus Catalog (MS-DOS, OS/2, UNIX, Mac, Amiga and Atari)

Company: Virus Test Laboratory
Address: Computer Science Department, University of Tampere, Finland
Fax:     +358 31 2156070
Contact: Marko Helenius
Email:   cshema@uta.fi

Company: VIRUS-L/comp.virus
Contact: Kenneth R. van Wyk, Moderator VIRUS-L/comp.virus; Nick FitzGerald, FAQ
Email:   VIRUS-L@Lehigh.Edu, (n.fitzgerald@csc.canterbury.ac.nz for FAQ
Other:   news://comp.virus, ftp://corsa.ucr.edu/pub/virus-l
Product: VIRUS-L FAQ

Company: Vision Fund
Address: 10 Spruce Lane, Ithaca, NY   14850
Contact: Robert Woodhead
Product: Interferon (Mac)

Company: George R. Woodside
Address: 1590 Lombardy Road, Gardnerville, NV   89410-5633
Phone:   +1-702-782-4816
Fax:     +1-702-782-9527
Email:   76537.1342@compuserve.com
Product: VKILLER for Atari ST

Company: Woodside Technologies
Address: 474 Potrero Ave., Sunnyvale, CA   94086
Phone:   +1-408-733-9503
Product: Fortress UNIX antiviral

Company: XTree Co. (cf Symantec)

Company: Zen Works
Address: P. O. Box 528, Houlton, ME   04730
Contact: R. Wallace Hale
Email:   halew@nbnet.nb.ca
Other:   BBS +1-506-325-9002
Product: SIX, BRECT

Company: Zortech Inc. (cf Symantec)

Companies wishing to have their products reviewed should send them to Robert M.
Slade, 3118 Baird Road, North Vancouver, BC, Canada   V7K 2G6.  (Phone number
for airbills: +1-604-988-4097.)  Publishers shipping from outside of Canada are
advised to label the materials as samples per GST section 215(1), without value
and not subject to GST.  Also please note that UPS seems to have extreme
difficulty in getting shipments into the country.

copyright Robert M. Slade, 1996   CONTACTS.LST   960123

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